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Recruitment plan for the Democrats with 60 billion

Obama angered Republicans to block his plan for employment provided by the last month (Reuters)

Provide Democrats the Senate on Friday a new plan worth 60 billion dollars to create jobsby funding projects for infrastructure, after blocking the Republican vote of the Council onthe plan of President Barack Obama for employment worth 447 billion and includeincentives for fiscal and planned spending to revive the job market in America.

Republicans, who have a minority Off the Senate, said the new financing plan by raisingtaxes on the wealthy would cause a deadly market employment.

According to the Democrats' plan, which is expected to vote for in November next, theconstruction projects will be financed by an increase of 0.7% on the income of people over the million dollars a year, beginning on the increase in 2013.

The Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid told reporters that the new bill will happenhundreds of thousands of jobs in the construction sector, and "therefore no justification forblocking the project."

Plan and disable

The U.S. president has promised to divide the comprehensive plan submitted by the last month to the parts, after Republicans vowed to disrupt passed in the Senate, which they did.

Republicans also blocked a plan Thursday to Obama a partial value of $ 35 billion to create or retain about 400 thousand jobs for teachers, firefighters and police, to be fundedplan to impose an increase of 0.5% tax on the rich.

And allocate the new plan for the Democrats $ 50 billion for road projects, railways andbarrages, and 50 billion for the establishment of a national bank specializing in the financing of major projects of infrastructure. Proponents of the plan say that the bank would be a good way to attract private sector investment.

The other hand, said John Ohbrook spokesman Senate Republican Leader MitchMcConnell that after two years of the Obama administration's spending tens of billions of dollars in projects ready for implementation in the infrastructure sector, Obama himselfadmits that they were not the level of expectations. Ohbrook added that it would beirresponsible to repeat the mistake itself.

Source: Reuters

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