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Efforts for the release of hostages in Somalia

Medical center for the organization Doctors Without Borders in a Somali refugee camps (French - Archive)
Said MSF it seeks to secure the release of the hijacked Mozftiha Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya since 13 October / November as soon as possible and without the use of force, adding that she does not have enough information about the identity or motives of the kidnappers.
FAO said in a press statement issued on Wednesday, that this incident will not discourage them from continuing in its medical activities to help the Somali people.
But stressed to distance herself firmly and clearly for military activities, or threatening remarks made in response to the kidnapping.
She said it was stepping up communication regarding the incident of abduction with all relevant parties to secure the safe release of hijacked.
And alerted the organization to kidnap a very complex process and needs to be treated with caution, and that organization says, "we are deeply concerned about any use of force on this incident as if this would be offered security (in the area) at risk and undermine efforts to get out a solution to this process." .
The organization expressed deep concern over the fate of Mozftiha, noting that such attacks had a huge impact on the level of support for people in need.
And in spite of the complex security, the organization says it is providing assistance to those affected by the Somali crisis in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti.
She says she did not stop for provide such aid since 1991 and today has 13 projects in Somalia, including the activities of medical and related activities within a multi-pronged program includes emergency food aid, immunization and vaccination.

Source: Al Jazeera

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