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Israel accused of ill-treatment of children of Palestine

Israel continues with the violence of Palestinian children (Al Jazeera)

Accused the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Middle East, Richard Falk, Israel on Thursday to use violence against Palestinian children.

Falk said that the number of children detained by Israeli authorities increased the numberwho was in detention in 2007, but did not mention specifically.

He added that about 178 Palestinians were injured this year, shot by Israeli settlers, an increase of two from the previous year so far.

The decision in New York - U.S. citizenship and a Jew - that there are many of the settlersengaged in violence against the Palestinian population in the occupied territories, including the children.

Falk called - who was a professor at the University of New York three years ago - Israel to work to ensure the protection of Palestinian children.

It is noteworthy that prior to his appointment as scheduled, one year near Israel's policytoward the Palestinians to hunt down Jews in the Nazi time, for this Tthashah political circles in both the United States and Israel and many European countries.


Source: DBA

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