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13 killed in protests in Yemen

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A transfer of patients to treatment (Reuters)

Killed at least 13 people dead and dozens wounded troops loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh launched, opened fire on unarmed demonstrators in the capital Sana'a. The sources said that human rights bodies and demonstrators were seized after the shooting.

And Al-Jazeera correspondent in Sana'a, said thirteen people were killed and dozens wounded in a shooting by the described Balblatjh and forces loyal to President Saleh callson the process of dropping the bottom in a street in Sanaa. The six bodies were transferred to the field hospital.

On the other hand Hood human rights organization said it had detected the abductionseven bodies of protesters by armed elements of the President of Yemen in the streets ofa neighborhood, and the kidnapping of dozens of protesters and wounded.

The Central Security Forces and the Republican Guard surrounded the march from every direction and opened indiscriminate fire and thick.

The activists said that a bomb killed three people when it landed near a field hospital set up in the arena of change, where stationed thousands of protesters demanding the ouster of months ago in favor.

Lead and infectedThe loyal forces fired in favor of fire on demonstrators during a peaceful march started from the arena of change, which for months has been a center of protest sit-ins organized by activists calling for the resignation after 33 years in power.
The beautiful Jacob - a doctor - that the number of patients up to 50 injured, mostly in critical condition, and indicated that the injuries caused by live bullets, and there are between 80 and 90 cases of asphyxia gas lacrimal.
And demonstrations broke out more than in other provinces of the country, and renewed violence in the region of measles between forces loyal to Sadiq Sheikh of the tribe rally Red and government forces. The clashes that occurred during the hours of the night that killed five supporters of the red.
According to the Reform Party opposition that the government forces arrested at least 300 protesters, in the biggest crackdown since the protests of anti-Saleh.
The Council demanded that the national forces of the peaceful revolution - which includes hundreds of representatives of all the opposition forces - the Yemeni government for the release of arrested demonstrators.
ConvictionAnd condemned Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights strongly Tuesday, "the massacres against peaceful demonstrators in Sanaa, Taiz, Yemen, blind as a result of use of force by security forces."
He said UNHCR spokesman Rupert Colville "Hundreds of people were injured due to the excessive use of force against unarmed demonstrators, in a climate of total impunity," when he fell in a large number of dead and wounded, "despite the allegations of violation of the government."
Colville and repeated invitation to the formation of the Commission "to an independent international commission of inquiry" about this violence, and emphasized the need to "bring those responsible for killing hundreds since the beginning of the protest movement in Yemen, more than eight months to justice, regardless of position or rank."

Dozens of people have been killed since 15 October / November because of the ongoingtargeting of government forces of anti-government protesters who took to the streets in the millions since February to demand the departure of the last valid.

Government data indicate that at least 1480 people were killed in the clashes, until September / September. It was at least 34 people were killed and wounded more than a hundred others during the past four days.

And the escalation of violence in Yemen, while studying the members of the UN Security Council draft resolution strongly condemns the government for violations of human rights,and urges for the "signature immediately and implementation" of the peace plandeveloped by the Gulf Cooperation Council and provides for his withdrawal.

Source: Agencies

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