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100 thousand dollars to the families of Israeli soldier

Declared the Islamic preacher Sheikh Awad Al-Qarni for substantial financial reward of $ 100 thousand U.S. dollars to any Palestinians kidnapped an Israeli soldier, in response to financial reward announced by the Israeli family to anyone who killed a prisoner exchange deal editors in the latter.
The Al-Qarni yet on the social networking site (Facebook) that the media picked up news of the payment settlers Zionists reward great to anyone who killed a Palestinian prisoners freed, and display a response to that declaration, affirming his commitment to pay the reward to any Palestinian is inside Palestine capture of an Israeli military to commute by the Palestinian prisoners.
And received a reward-Qarni - a professor of jurisprudence and advocate of senior Saudi known for backing the Palestinian cause - very welcome on the part of activists, Facebook and Twitter, where he expressed commentators admire the announcement Qarni praised his positions in support of the Palestinian issue, is that a page-Qarni exposed to piracy which was deleted some comments on the inviting him to kidnap Israeli soldiers in Palestine.
The family of Afman living in one of the settlements in the West Bank has announced a cash prize of $ 100 thousand dollars to anyone who killed soldiers editors Khuwaylid and Nizar Ramadan, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) who were convicted of murder 13 years ago and Afman Shlomo Harel Ben-Nun.
And two brothers sentenced to life imprisonment, then released in a deal swapping Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the farther one to the Gaza Strip and the other to Turkey.
And published family Afman advertising in a website continued to extremist settlers in the West Bank, in Hebrew, Arabic and English in addition to Turkish, appear in the Declaration Two Two recent editors of the captive with a promise of a prize of 100 thousand dollars for Iktlhma.
The Palestinians celebrated Tuesday the completion of the first phase of the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, which was the release of 477 prisoners and prisoner exchange for Shalit, that is implementing the second phase of the deal and released two months later which of 550 Palestinian prisoners.

Source: Al Jazeera + Reuters

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