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Yemeni president asked international guarantees to step down

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Demanded the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh guarantees Gulf, European and U.S. to sign the Gulf initiative, while the funeral of the rebels in the capital Sanaa, the bodies of 19 of the 38 demonstrators killed since last Saturday at the hands of forces loyal to the benefit in the streets of the capital.
Saleh said that his opponents do not have the military power that is owned, accused of killing traitors, described the demonstrators, saying the demands of the opposition forces step down from power only a "tradition of what is happening abroad."
He said - in a speech to the meeting of the special session of the Standing Committee of the main GPC ruling and broadcast television - so-called "their revolution, which they say about the revolution is to mimic what is happening abroad," and added that his opponents "do not have a culture is a culture of vengeance and revenge."
He accused the opposition Yemeni young people using as human shields in the demonstrations bring down the regime "in order to get injuries and create an environment, the media and tell the world look at this a dictatorship."
Dropped in favor of three times before the signing of the Gulf initiative, which provides step down from power and the formation of a transitional government elections on the horizon, and says he will not hand over power only to "safe hands".
Saleh's comments came after he distributed the five permanent members of the Security Council draft resolution urging the speed of signing and implementation of an agreement for the transfer of power in Yemen on the basis of the initiative for the Gulf, which gives immunity from prosecution.
The Reuters news agency quoted the draft resolution that the Council "stresses the need to hold accountable all those responsible for violence and human rights violations and abuses," and did not specify how the details of this accounting.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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