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Is the behavior of America's better than others?

Americans like the idea that the United States has a unique and exceptional between the two worlds, but, unfortunately, false.

Stephen Walt *
* Professor of Political Science at the University of Harvard

The second myth
Allegations of "American exceptionalism" stems from the belief that the U.S. isexceptionally virtuous nation, a nation which loves peace and freedom and foster respectfor human rights and enshrine the rule of law. The Americans like to believe that their country to behave better than other countries, and not necessarily better than the other great powers.

If that were true, what came to rest in the United States Touhchha with the worst in the history of mankind. Valmtaml in history classes found him lying most of these allegations of moral superiority of the United States.

And those who do not know or remember, the United States and one of the most powerexpansion in modern history, began with 13 small colony on the east coast of the Atlantic, but they are stretched at the end of the day in the length of the American continent, was taken over by the states of Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and California from Mexico in 1846.

During this journey, wiped out most of the indigenous people, survivors and confined them in the reserves are poor. By the mid-19 th century, Britain expelled from the Pacific Northwest, and tightened its grip on the western half of the globe.
Since then, the United States fought many wars, and she was leading in many of them, and their behavior in this war is far from being a model of ethical behavior disorder.
During the invasion of the Philippines between 1899 and 1902, killing between 200 thousand and 400 thousand Filipinos, mostly civilians. It also did not hesitate to the United States and its allies in the displacement of 305 thousand German civilians, and 330 thousand Japanese civilians, by aerial bombardment in World War II, has been most of the campaigns in the framework of the cities targeted enemy. So it is not surprising that Gen. Curtis LeMay - who oversaw the bombing campaign against Japan - to help "if the United States did not win the war, Hokmna as war criminals."
During the Vietnam War, the United States dropped more than six million tons of bombs, including tons of bombs, napalm and chemicals destructive to trees and forests "Kaml orange", which is directly responsible for the death of a large number of million civilians died in that war.
In the latest of these wars, was killed in the war-backed Contra rebels from the United States, about 30 thousand in Nicaragua, a number equivalent to two million Americans dead, for the population of the United States.
Led military campaigns the U.S. directly or indirectly to the death of 250 thousand Muslims over the past three decades (and this lowest estimate and do not include deaths caused by sanctions imposed on Iraq in the nineties), including the deaths of more than 100 thousand people died after invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.
Today, still unmanned U.S. aircraft and special forces hunting suspected terrorists in at least five countries, killing an unknown number of innocent civilians as a result of these operations. It may be some of these processes is necessary to make the lives of Americans more prosperous and secure. While the Americans were without a doubt will be considered such acts criminal and unjustifiable, if committed by other nations against them, we almost do not find one American official who condemned these policies, but they - paradoxically - are still wondering, "Why do they hate us?"

Know how the United States "for the game of human rights and international law", but she refuses to even today the signing of the most human rights treaties, which is not a signatory to the International Criminal Court, and was always ready to get closer toauthoritarian regimes, despite its record shameful in the field of human rights!, Do you remember our friend Hosni Mubarak?

If that was not enough, the Abu Ghraib scandal and the practice of the administration of President George W. Bush for torture, ill Kalaiham drowning, and U.S. prisons abroad,and preventive detention, enough examples to undermine the belief that America act according to ethical standards. The Obama's decision to retain many of these policiesproved to be not just a temporary excesses or deviations.

U.S. record is clear, we have the leaders of the United States, including that they thoughtshould be done when faced with external threats, and did not pay much attention to the principles of ethics during their careers. Americans like to believe that the United Statesuniquely virtuous nation, but, unfortunately, was false.

Source: Foreign Policy

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