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Attributed the commandment of Gaddafi calls for burial in Sirte

Gaddafi in the morgue Misurata (Al-Jazeera)
Recommended that the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the late Will attributed to him could not confirm that figure, his body was buried in a cemetery I walked next to his family and urged the continuation of the resistance after him.
The site said "Seven Days News" news, the pro-Gaddafi yet on Facebook, it took over the commandment of Gaddafi by on October 17 / October in his last days in Sirte on the safe side to him and handed it to three people, one of whom died The last in captivity and survived the third.
The site that Gaddafi began his will Quranic verse mentioned certificates and recommended not to be washed and buried in accordance with teachings of Islamic law in his clothes, which die in the tomb of Sirte "next to the national and my family." And demanded that his family deal, "especially its women and children treated well."
He called Gaddafi, who was killed after his arrest in the city of Sirte on Thursday in his will, the Libyan people to preserve the "identity and their achievements, history and image of his ancestors and heroes supervisor, and not recognizing the sacrifices of Ahrarh and Okhiarh .. and continue to resist any foreign aggression suffered by the Libyan Now or tomorrow and always. "
As Gaddafi said that he must "trust the Liberals in the Libyan and the world we can trade our cause and get a personal life safe and stable and we've got many offers, but we chose to be in confrontation and duty and honor, and even if you do not win soon, we will give a lesson win by generations to come, because the choice of home is a home tournament and the sale of the betrayal is the history will not be able to write other no matter how they tried to forge. "
Gaddafi concluded the commandment against him, saying that "a salami to my family one by one and to the public and to all the faithful of the world who have supported us, even if their hearts."

Source: German

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