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Messi making fun of the pellet

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Lionel Messi (right) ridiculed his compatriot Pele, Maradona as he used to do (European)
Of new Argentine star Lionel Messi controversy between the legends football world, Argentina's Diego Maradona and Pele.
Messi responded sarcastically, "I am pleased to send me this tape to see what his", in reference to Pele's comments Monday that he would send a videotape to the young Argentine to realize his skills and raise admiration.
Messi was told several weeks ago that he has never seen Pele playing, so he felt that his countryman Maradona is the best in the world throughout history.
Remarks raised the resentment of Messi Pele Maradona, who said he would send a tape to Messi to show him how he was playing "King", which is a pellet titles, also known as "the black jewel."
Messi said Tuesday in a press conference for his team before the game scheduled Wednesday with Victoria Plzen Czech Republic in the Champions League, "Fleursl me the video, I would be happy to send me this tape until I see his."
In another context, rejection compared with the young Messi Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, considering comparisons "would journalists" and said, "not trying to engage in a challenge large or small with Cristiano .. not looking forward to doing previously Cristiano even compare me and him."

Source: German

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