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Sheikh prisoners embrace freedom

Sami Younis center of his grandchildren for the first time in his life (Al Jazeera)

Mohammed Mohsen wedge - Umm al-Fahm

Finally, after 29 years in Israeli jails, Palestinian prisoners Tensm Sheikh Sami Younis I'minside the Palestinian town of Arara and savor the taste of freedom, and hugged his familyand childhood friends who were celebrating his arrival at the head shortly after being released.

The Younis (83 years), the largest Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the occupation-lived, where the aged in prisons and tasted bitter, and be sick of smth. Disease, current reduced state due over the years.

The Sheikh of prisoners and small, was arrested in 1983 with the soldiers and MaherKarim Younes, accused of a military operation which killed an Israeli soldier, he was sentenced to life in a timely manner, to reduce the duration to forty years later.

Trance victor
Although isolated 12 years ago, and depriving him of a farewell of his mother, who diedwhile in the occupation prisons anguish and grief of it, a prisoner-Sheikh remainedsteadfast and lived on the hope of challenging the prison walls, before being released in the exchange deal "meet for free" between Hamas and Israel.

He was released Tuesday in conjunction with the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit, is four of the Palestinian prisoners inside, where he could after 29 years to enter his village ofArara, that time was insufficient to change the landmarks.

As embraced freedom also embraced for the first time in his life dozens of grandchildren, and was to meet his children and fellow trained by his wife, who has tired and waited forthe moment, though delayed.

Fateful moments
And listed Sami Younis of the island days before the conclusion of the deal, describing it as fateful as accompanied by tension, was the battle of the intestine empty of prisoners at its peak and the hunger strike continues, and the case of boiling at Guantanamo Gilboa, who joined the strike just - last week - and if the management of the prison undertake the process of classification and transfer of prisoners.

"The situation was very difficult, it was not vague Nahdh time ago, a group of 48 prisoners of the 25 prisoners were to differentiate between us and our distribution of various prisons, personally transferred to Megiddo prison, and there I knew the deal through themicrophone was hidden."

Yunus: Words can not describe the disastrous conditions of detention of prisoners (Al Jazeera)
Joy and fear

Yunus recalled the moments that have passed on the prisoners, mixed feelings of joy and fear, everyone will be watching from the list of exchange, and was convinced that all prisoners of home owners Mahkomyat Almabdat high and will be released.

"We informed the prison authorities that he would be me, but what about the guys Derbystruggle prisoners of 48? I know of their whereabouts, I met a detainee Megiddo four of whom only - it turned out they were from respondents deal - quoted for 24 hours toHadarim detention on the pretext that I Sathrr from there ".

Occupied bargains
Younis said that the prison administration tried to extort some prisoners request signing a pledge in which their freedom, and added, "Personally, refused, and was Msawmte byIsraeli intelligence, and reached up threatening not to release me and substitution prisoner of another, I insisted on my position and I told the intelligence officer said that Gilad Shalitwill not see the light unless it is my release. "

Younis, described the moment of victory for the liberation of the Palestinian people as a whole, thanked Hamas for its efforts in completing the deal, calling for the consolidation ofreconciliation between Fatah and Hamas to strengthen the steadfastness of the prisonersto move forward towards freedom and independence.

Captive editor Sami Younis, accompanied by his wife (Al Jazeera)
Scenes and memories
The remaining conditions of detention of the most important memories of the prisonersreleased, and summarized Younis scene memories stretching over three decades, saying"there is a lot of beautiful memories with families, you are in a struggle for existence andstruggling to gain basic rights which should be guaranteed by international conventions for the prisoner."

He reviewed the memories which he described as the battle of hit and run, "you grip the enemy struggling even to get a drink of water, and you have to know when to step up your fight and when to negotiate your enemy, you are unarmed and you'll face this reality,especially as the period Mkozq families is unknown."
He believes that the most beautiful memories and unit prisoners that enhance their steadfastness in detention, calling on the various faction leaders to adopt as a model for reconciliation to establish the unity of the Palestinian people, pointing out that the years ofdivision between Fatah and Hamas reflected negatively on the prisoners, and made ​​thedeal to melt deposits entirely.

He concluded, "We feel joy that was experienced by our people, but the most importantmoment of pleasure experienced by prisoners of the contract last was when news of thekidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit, where we realized that the vagina is coming, to liveeuphoria lasted for five and half years, picking off people to complete the deal."

Source: Al Jazeera

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