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Gaddafi's killers will be tried

Rebels express their joy of killing Gaddafi (the island)
Transitional National Council declared Thursday that the killers of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan would be brought to trial, following the uproar raised by the circumstances of his death.
Abdul Hafeez Goukh Vice President of the Council in a press statement, "For Gaddafi, we do not wait to tell us what anyone should do."
"We started an investigation, and issued a charter of ethics in the treatment of prisoners of war, and I am sure that this was an act of an individual and not the work of the national army or the rebels." He continued that "any person responsible for this (killing Gaddafi) would be prosecuted and will get a fair trial."
The council declared that Gaddafi was buried before dawn on Tuesday in a secret location in Libya, and a number of relatives of Gaddafi walked arrived upon the presence of representatives from the local council and the military council of the city of Tripoli, after the advisory opinion of the Supreme Council for Fatwa endorsed Ghariani to deal with the body according to Islamic law.
Some observers attributed the briefing the burial place of Gaddafi's secret to the "careful - it seems - not to be a symbol of his grave."
It is noteworthy that Gaddafi - who ruled Libya for nearly 42 years - died last Thursday at the hands of the rebels Libyan city of Sirte, his hometown, who took him out of the tube exchange was hiding after an air strike to NATO, after a lapse of nearly eight months the start of the Libyan revolution in February 17 last year.
The photographs showed mobile phones Gaddafi alive at the time of his arrest.

Descriptive Gaddafi called to investigate the circumstances
Death of her husband (European - Archive)

Criticism of RussianHe criticized the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday images "disgusting" by the killing Gaddafi broadcast by "international media". Putin said "most of the Gaddafi family members were killed, and his body was offered to all international channels, it is impossible to see these scenes without feeling disgusted. What is this?!".
"The image showed a man covered in blood and wounded is still alive and beaten to death. And offered all of this on the screens." He explained, "millions of people see these scenes, including the children, this is not moving pictures .. this is not a good thing."
He also criticized U.S. President Barack Obama broadcast scenes of the bloody end to the Libyan colonel late, saying that "even those who have done terrible things, they deserve reverence upon their death."
Claims to achieveAnd each of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations and Amnesty International, "Amnesty" called for an investigation into the circumstances of the killing Gaddafi.
The Commission called last Friday to open a full investigation into the death of al-Gaddafi, and expressed concern that he may have been executed. He said UNHCR spokesman Rupert Colville said that there is much uncertainty about what actually happened, pointing out that there are four or five stories of how his death.
He added that the footage showing the arrest of Colonel Libyan alive then shown dead, and said, "We are not in a position to us to say what happened then, but we feel it is very important to clarify this, so there must be a serious investigation into what happened and the reasons for his death."
In response to a question whether the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is worried about the possibility of their execution of the Gaddafi During his captivity, Colville said that one of the possibilities when you see the footage and therefore is in need of an investigation.
He explained that the basic principles of international law calls for the trial of the defendants in serious crimes, if possible, and considered that the executions without trial is illegal under any circumstance.
For its part, Amnesty International, "Amnesty International" last Thursday to open an independent investigation into the circumstances of the death of al-Gaddafi, and urged the Transitional National Assembly to end the "culture of abuse."
The organization called on human rights in a statement issued from London Transitional Council to publish the facts of the death of Gaddafi after "an independent and objective," the statement said those facts should be made to the Libyan people.
In turn, the widow of Gaddafi called descriptive investigation of the circumstances of his death after he was arrested by the Libyan fighters Transitional Council, as quoted by Al Rai pro-regime ousted.
The widow said Gaddafi, according to the channel quoted her as "my husband proud valiantly struggling Muammar Gaddafi and the children who stood up to aggression forty countries and its customers over the past six months, and when God Ahsabhm with the martyrs and the saints."

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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