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Escape of prisoners from Al Qaeda from prison pictures Mukalla

Foundation has offered epics Media Production affiliated with al Qaeda on the Internet the first part of the story of escape of 67 prisoners, described the Mujahideen of the Political Security Prison in Mukalla in the 21 of June of this year reached the runtime of 54 minutes and shooting high-quality, due date of its production to the month of Shawwal of this, and contained the story did a documentary on a set of personal interviews of the executors of the drilling process in the prison ward of intelligence in the central prison in Mukalla.

And presentation of the film documentary of the base of the idea of ​​planning to escape and drilling operations, which lasted about 25 days, offering interviews with Rami Chiara of (a group drilling), and Abdullah Bawazir of the group (storm the gate), and Jamal Issa (Prince of the process), and Mohammad Mohammadi (Group drilling), and Massad Nahdi (Prince of prisoners in the prison of Hadramout) and Ghalib Bagaaiti (Group drilling), and Saleh Baebad (Prince of ward 3), and Marwan Ppaduas (Group drilling), and raised Buraeih (Group drilling), and just the Bishop of the group (storm the gate), and Muhammad Shami group (coverage on the tower).

The idea seemed to escape of the prisoners when they were transferred from the prison of public security to the Political Security Prison, and was thought at first to storm the prison before the drilling process is the large number of prisoners to stop an obstacle to the operation to storm the prison gate, and it was decided to choose a suitable location for the drilling process in amber No. 4, has been extracted four tiles of the floor one of the pillars of amber to be the drilling process and a tent of blankets (sheets) around it, and displays a film documentary clips graphic during the drilling process since its inception through the primitive tools to dig, such as nails and (Hendrab) one of the doors, and pipes that are transported by Goan (Ahawalat) to the bathroom.

Has carried out the excavation, which starts from 11 pm at night until five in the morning by six people and is before entering the soldier to inspect the number of prisoners at eight in the morning cleaning the floor amber and bathrooms and carry incense even lost the smell of mud, have full baths three out of four earth and the process monitoring and control of the soldiers bin Saeed Sankar, while the hole is covered by the area does not exceed (fourtiles) brushes salary of one of the prisoners and placed near him some religious books so as not to attract attention.Said Mohammad Mohammadi of the (group drilling) in the film which was filmed at an undisclosed location in a mountainous area has been the prisoners, dressed in local andpossession of weapons and ammunition, bullets appear on the chest of all the escaped prisoners say, "We needed a number of young people to work in the pits, so do not stopwithin 24 hours except for the time of inspection daily every morning, "noted AbdullahBawazir of (a group to storm the gate) in his speech that the soldier Ibrahim wise man of the political security searched all over the amber even baths filled with earth, however, be arranged developed a number of prisoners after climbing to the bathroom before entering the soldier while paging whether one of those bathrooms, and view the film portray the process of climbing the bathroom after the fullness of the highest soil.

The hushed group drilling on the rest of their colleagues in the rest of the wards who trust in them in the Political Security Prison as find the group in the morning in amber fourth in their sleep, and describes the film the obstacles that stood in front of a group drilling And intercepted some hard rock that is deviation by the north right after it was drilled 18 m where the access for the first open on 17 July and the second 20 Rajab, where the first slot allocated to the control tower by a group digging through the narrator of Chiara.

The Scharf access to the fence over reports to prisoners for the control of al Qaeda to the city of Zanzibar has wished to be all in their places has redoubled their resolve in the process of drilling at the time did not know their colleagues in wards other thing about the drilling process and explains the film documentary clips graphic for slots and the control tower The gate of the prison.

The plan was developed after the completion of drilling of the escape and develop a plan to secure the gate and the tower and cover the outside by three groups to secure the escape of 67 prisoners from inside the holds of political security, and speaks Bawazir had been communicating with their colleagues abroad to provide vehicles for transferring prisoners from the nearest point next to the prison to the outside of the city and find Shelter within the city to get them out later, has been divided at the escape of prisoners into three groups, each group of 12 prisoners being transported by car, as well as the perpetrators of the process with others is an escape from the area after the process is fully secure.

Describes the benefit of Baebad and Abdullah Bawazir, just Bishop, Mohammed Shamilast-minute break into the prison gate and the tower and control room, security and politicalknowledge of a soldier of the political security operation to storm the gates of the prisonand the exchange of fire, where we did not mind the soldiers inside the prison that thegroups had fled abroad through the hole until they thought they were under control, and recognizes Bawazir that the loss of the mobile group, which has secured the escape and access to weapons after attacking the soldiers of the Political Security led to the loss ofcommunication with them, they became exposed to the soldiers when they fled to the mountain in the direction of the valley Algleilh here ends the first part of the film.

Escaped from prison

Rami Chiara

Abdullah Bawazir

Jamal Issa

Mohammad Mohammadi

Massad Nahdi 

Ghalib Bagaaiti 


Raised Buraeih

Marwan Ppaduas

Mohammad Shami

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