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Osama bin Laden and Che Guevara

Whether we agree or disagree on the ideal way to be followed in the career defending our country free editor - peaceful was or armed - but we must look fair to the other team does not hasten throwing unsubstantiated accusations only because he chose the road that runs counter to our idea, although it encompasses primarily to achieve the same goal that we all seek freedom for which our countries ........

Media announced the death of bin Laden in the home city (Lapite Abad) near the capital of Pakistan (Islamabad) in a U.S. air strike, and that on May 2 and published a picture of him after his death, but soon the Taliban denied it but the others questioning in that picture out of it was designed using the program Photoshop, especially after the announcement that U.S. President buried bin Laden was a sea of ​​refuse States Receive his body, raising doubts in the absence of a body from the ground up
Regardless of the validity of this news or not but the reactions to the death of bin Laden were to a great deal of contrast and clash as quick a lot to the cursing and charged with terrorism and it is the truth of Islam and his call for serious harm by distorting its image globally and linked to cases of bombing and destruction, and it came to his conviction as an American agent and that it is time to dispense services that was the way to kill him while stopping the other mujahedeen described by the only American general who stood at the height of its power and authority of the world and it will remain intact Islamic symbol to signify the resilience in the face of the occupier
Here I'm not going to rule on bin Laden, despite my refusal of many acts of al Qaeda, but I do not focused myself sentenced to others and I refuse to claim to be the rulers, too, was bin Laden's terrorist America and its agents are invented terrorism itself, but the difference is that bin Laden to defend his country and his belief against foreign occupation and we have to distinguish here between legitimate resistance against occupation and military operations of terror against unarmed civilians, which is mastered by U.S. governments in their journey to absorb the treasures of the earth and plunder it is only fair that we all know that bin Laden is only a reaction to Hwan about our country for decades. ....... reaction to the force of American power and accepted by the Soviet balance of Justice and hit the wall and looting the wealth of the country and the infringement of innocent civilians
Do not hide from you that I am still forming the scattered thoughts in trying to understand what is happening and I still can not get an idea of ​​a full bin Laden because I like everyone I do not have but what really has the media of news might have been true in many of them false I do not know ..... maybe Bin Laden is a fighter who refused to live in luxury and the impact of jihad in the way of Allah against the occupier and is probably a scarecrow created by the United States to justify its existence in our country and what is the face of another created America to hide behind its ambitions is the time to change it ........ honest I do not know
Only in Palestine فقط في فلسطين

I'm a dog a dog soldier Israeli
  Threatens a mother and her two daughters

The interesting thing is the link in my mind between bin Laden and Guevara, and regardless of the affiliations of each and convictions is amazing all the wonder of those who make of Che Guevara, Guevara, a symbol of revolt against the powerful and unjust Amagdouna and they take their role models and then return to Aikla accusations of Osama bin Laden and they call a terrorist, the fought Guevara for the defense of the rights of working-class, Osama bin Laden, has struggled for the liberation of our country from the occupation and for the rights of civilians who are killed, tortured and displaced at the hands of Israeli occupation forces and the U.S., we have to look at something from Justice to the goal which Aretje spite of our differences with him in some of its practices and how he for this purpose

I do not know what pops into my mind that the comparison between bin Laden and Guevara, despite the vast differences between the approach Monday and beliefs and still my thoughts are scattered in determining the overall picture of Osama bin Laden and it seems it will remain so for a while and maybe I'm wrong in much of what was said but it is unacceptable description of Osama bin Laden like a demon to be stoned and is not angel and the way cheer and joy of the American system and its people to kill a man but show the weakness and Zaaram in front of the bin Laden, whether we accept or reject the us it is wrong to rejoice at the death in this way and dumping his body in the seaI really disagree with many of the actions of al Qaeda and reject, but I can rejoice that the completion of the Americans to kill us

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