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Transitional decide Gaddafi hand over the body to his family

Gaddafi's body will be returned to the cooling unit in the market, which was the old Misurata before autopsy (French)
He said the Transitional National Assembly that he will hand over the body of the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to his relatives. Reuters quoted a doctor involved in the autopsy that his death was caused by a bullet. Despite the passage of three days for the killing of Gaddafi, the Libyan still celebrate the event.
The doctor added that the autopsy report will be submitted to the Attorney General, stressing that all matters relating to the nature of death is hidden and will not reveal anything.
This came after forensic specialists participated in the autopsy Gaddafi, who was killed last Thursday to identify the cause of death. And carried out the autopsy at the morgue in the capital city of Misurata east of Tripoli.
Local officials said that Gaddafi's body will be returned now to the refrigeration unit in the old market, Misurata, which were presented to the public body with his son Mu'tasim last few days.
The director of the Al Jazeera office in Tripoli, Abdel-Azim Mohammed has stated time prior to the International Criminal demanded for its part, not to bury the body of Gaddafi until found by a medical team from the court to make sure they belong to Colonel in order to close the case of Gaddafi because he was required to have.
And in the bequest attributed to him could not be verified, Gaddafi recommended to bury his body in a cemetery I walked next to his family and urged the continuation of the resistance after him.

The celebrations were organized in the popular city of Misurata Freedom Square to express their joy at the end of the era of the rule of the Colonel who say their rule with iron and fire.
At the same time the rebels held the city of Misurata some five hundred of al-Gaddafi, captured during the fighting. The rebels continue their search for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Ceremonies in Benghazi
On the other hand thousands of rebels returned to the city of Benghazi after participating in the resolution of the Battle of Sirte, which represented the last stronghold of al-Qadhafi.And received the people of Benghazi columns cars rebels shouting and waving flags and flowers, and the children spray perfumed water on the crowd.

The number of the rebels for their happiness the end of the fighting and allow them toreturn to their normal lives, and they said they had agreed to assemble the weapon.

This came at a time where violent protests of the wounded rebels, who accuse the National Council of the slowdown in the treatment. President of the Council has pledged toMustafa Abdul Jalil that the wounded receive a special attention.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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