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Attack is expected a new e-

Hit the spyware has the ability to hide a number of industrial sites, this program uses a programming language similar to those used by the electronic attack similar to last year known as the Staksnet hit Iranian nuclear sites.

And e-security experts believe that attack the new-making body that has Staksnet attack, who described last year as the most sophisticated spy program in the history of computers and software, dubbed "the first electronic weapon."

The Staksnet has been used in the attack on Iranian nuclear sites online and was able to achieve great success by using their penetration in the gaps that were not known in the Windows system before.

The number of international experts in the field of information security on the Internet have speculated that Israel and the United States, which have high scientific expertise, which are put forth Staksnet to attack Iran's nuclear sites, but it did not come from anything the two governments confirmed expectations of experts.

The program enters the devastating spy programs, machines and equipment that use a certain system of Siemens systems to control machines and destroys them.

On Tuesday, according to experts and researchers at Symantec for protection on the web that they have received samples of aggressive spying program is new, and confirmed that it was written that models do not need to have a direct relevance to the program Staksnet.

It features the new program for Staksnet that does not seek to destroy the programs that are attacked, but the collection of information that can not be accessed from outside of those programs.

A researcher at Symantec's Gerry Egan that the new program has the ability to update itself and receive updated instructions.

Source: Financial Times

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