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Algerian jailed Iraqis since 2003

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Conditions in Iraqi jails has been criticized human rights (French - Archive)
Detection of the Secretary-General of the Algerian League for Human Rights Khalil believes the presence of 14 Algerians imprisoned in Baghdad for at least seven years, after trials had been done "hastily."
Said Khalil told the French press that the 14 Algerians were arrested in 2003 and 2004 in Iraq, pointing to the lack of information about their status since then in prison in Baghdad.
He said the "Contact Us detainees from the prison do not have additional information" without mentioning the name of the prison. He also said "there may be other Algerian nationals in other Iraqi prisons, but we do not know anything now."
For his part, President of the Association Mustafa Bochache that he spoke with the Iraqi prisoner who was not identified, explaining that he said, citing his assurances that they "did not commit any acts of violence" during their stay in Iraq and they were arrested in Baghdad and accused of "belonging to terrorist groups."
He pointed out that as a result, were tried by the "extraordinary courts without access to defense, and imposed prison sentences of between ten years and 15 years." He also said that the detainees "wrong" and asking "pardon, even though they are innocent, like other Iraqi prisoners sentenced for the same reasons."
For his part, the Algerian Foreign Ministry source confirmed that Algeria is following the file of prisoners Algerians "accused of belonging to al-Qaeda" in Iraq, does not question "the integrity of the Iraqi judiciary."
He also said that Algeria "surprised" at the invitation through the Iraqi media to send the Algerian Delegation to Baghdad for the status of prisoners "without going through the normal diplomatic channels."
On the other hand, said the Iraqi ambassador in Algeria, Uday goodness of God that renews the "Iraqi government's call sent by the last year of security delegation my rights Algeria to visit Baghdad and see the status of detainees Algerians, who are subject to the provisions of the lawsuit issued against them for security offenses, and make sure to secure their legal rights and humanity." .
The goodness of God, told the French press that the Algerian detainees "have exercised their rights determined by the full Judiciary Act guaranteed the right to just and legal defense."
The ambassador denied "categorically" the intervention of U.S. forces in the affairs or the affairs of the Iraqi judiciary and penal institutions, prisoners who are being subjected to "provide for the Ministry of Justice to protect them." Also refuted the goodness of God "is broadcast from the allegations fired at random or baseless interpretations on the situation of Algerian detainees in Iraq."
For his part, Abdul Rahman al-Kanani, media advisor to the Iraqi ambassador to the official number of Algerian prisoners in Iraq is 12. The judicial agreement between the two countries are still in the process of "draft" until it was signed, according to Kanani.
Source: French

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