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Welcome Gaddafi international killed

Of a meeting of the International Contact Group on Libya, in Doha in April / April (the island)

Successive international reaction to welcoming the killing of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the end of his reign, which spanned more than four decades, and called to the beginning of a new era in Libya and the transition towards democracy and tolerance.
He said U.S. President Barack Obama announced the death of Qaddafi represents "the end of a long and painful separation of the Libyan people," and welcomed the new opportunity available to the Libyan people "to decide his fate in Libya and the new democracy."
He said the United States looks forward to the "interim government" quickly and "make the first free and fair elections," and also called for new leaders in Libya to work with the international community to secure the "dangerous materials" and the protection of the rights of all Libyans.
He said that the Libyan people, it is now a great responsibility to build a tolerant, democratic country for all, and pledged to support developments in Libya in the future, he added, addressing the Libyans, "You triumphed in Thortkm, and now you will be partners."
The U.S. Senator John McCain said that the death of Muammar Gaddafi marks the end of "Phase One" of the Libyan Revolution, and called for closer ties between the U.S. and Libya.
McCain called for the United States and the Europeans and the Arabs supported the Libyan people in their quest for the success of the next phase of the democratic revolution.

European positionsAnd France, said French President Nicolas Sarkozy that the death of Muammar Gaddafi's turn the page from the date of the Libyan people and marks the beginning of a democratic process.
He said Sarkozy - who led his country's military intervention in Libya - the "Edit Sirte must refer to the beginning of a process approved by the Transitional National Assembly to establish a democratic system in which all groups in the country place and ensure fundamental freedoms."
The Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said that killing the Libyan leader is "the beginning of a new era .. the beginning of democracy and reconstruction in Libya."
And saw British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement that "the people in Libya today have a better chance to build a democratic future for themselves and strong."
In Italy, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that the war in Libya has ended after the announcement of the death of Gaddafi in Sirte, citing, inter-language Latin says, "Thus passes the glory of this world."
For his part, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said "what happened is a big step forward .. ended tragically, because the dictator refused to surrender until the last moment for international justice, which certainly would not have been executed by hanging, but to try him according to the rules."
And saw German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Libya is now free and will start a new beginning, and peaceful democratic reforms after the death of Qaddafi, and stressed the need for the political reforms now Tripoli "to ensure that loss of the achievements of Arab spring."
The leaders of the northern European countries welcomed the end of the reign of Colonel Gaddafi, his death, describing the end as the end of the "dark chapter" of the history of Libya.
The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Rabnfilt "It's a victory for the Libyan people, who rebelled against him .. a victory for all of the believers movement (revolutionary) in the international community .. and a victory for all Swedes who have contributed to achieve," stressing that the new Libya will need humanitarian assistance and other forms support for the construction of a new civil society.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Sovndahl Willy, "a dark chapter in the history of Libya, it brought down the curtain .. you can now Libya to take important steps towards freedom and democracy."
In Norway's Foreign Minister Jonas Store said that the events under way represent a historic turning point, and stated that "Gaddafi's refusal to engage in dialogue with his people contributed to the (D) the long conflict which has caused great suffering to the citizens of civilians."
And Russia, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he hoped that Gaddafi's death would lead to peace and democratic governance in Libya, and called on Libyans to agreement among themselves.
The Vatican called to pray for peace and democracy in Libya, and to work on the interest of the Libyan people and the reconstruction of the country.
The Prime Minister Petr Nachass killing Gaddafi "an act of justice," stressing that the key to a successful development in Libya is to uphold human rights and punish those involved in causing injustice to others in accordance with the provisions of the law and provide security. "

International bodiesAt the level of international organizations, the African Union said on Thursday that he, to freeze the membership of Libya and will allow the authorities in this country, the current seat of Libya in the Union and its bodies, and it will open a liaison office in Tripoli, headed by a Special Representative.
For his part, the European Union that killed Gaddafi is the end of the long era of oppression suffered by the Libyan people, and called on the Libyan National Transitional Council to achieve the reconciliation process enables the country's transition to democracy with transparency.
The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon stressed that the Libyans today to work on building their own country, and called on the Transitional National Assembly to take important steps to address the establishment of a new phase of pluralism, justice and opportunity for all.
For its part, Amnesty International said that the announcement of the killing would end a chapter of Gaddafi of Libya, "marked by repression and abuse."
The organization called on the Transitional National Assembly to declare the circumstances of the killing Gaddafi to the public, and a full, independent and impartial investigation to determine the circumstances of death.
It also urged the Council to ensure that all persons suspected of committing human rights violations and war crimes - including the Department of Interior, Colonel Gaddafi and his family - are treated humanely and fair trial if captured.
Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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