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Warning of worsening youth unemployment in the world

Youth unemployment worsened European countries, especially in Spain and Ireland(European - Archive)

Warned the ILO that a whole generation of young people living under the impact of traumaunemployment crisis deepening, where the observed high rates of youth unemploymentand the duration of their search for a job and work in the standard conditions in developed countries, increasing numbers of poor workers in developing countries.

The OECD forecast to decline the number of unemployed youth in 2011 to 12.6% or 74.6 million people, compared with 12.7% in 2010, but this slight decline is due according to the organization for the withdrawal of the numbers of young people from the job market and not to improve the performance of economies to create jobs, and apply this is theadvanced economies, including the European Union.

The organization said in a report released today on the global trends for the employment of young people that a generation of young people are not lucky entered the job market in a recession, bringing suffering from unemployment or fill minus (seasonal or part-time), as well as pressures resulting from the social risks associated with unemployment and the length of stay without filling.

Multiple disadvantages
The International Organization that the negative effects are not confined to the aspects mentioned, but also in the long term effects in the form of lower wages in the size of the future and the failure of economic and political system.

One of these consequences increase drug use and return to live with the family and frustration, so that became a generation of young people are not optimistic about the future at best and angry and violent at worst.

The report stated that the many questions swirling about economic growth in the world produce more suspicions about the recovery of the labor market, which means that the front of the youth difficult years in the period ahead, adding that young people who find in the search for a job, find themselves more and more to the bids for contracts work part-time.

Regions of the world
According to FAO's forecast that Europe and the developed countries will exceed the unemployment in 2011, 15%, and West Asia, less than 10%, and South Asia 10%, with a total in the Middle East 12%, and North Africa less than 25%, and in sub-Saharan Africa will exceed 25% in Latin America and the Caribbean 15%.

He considered the report of the ILO that this collective fear among young people was one of the protest movements that engines in the world this year, where it became difficult for young people find a job only within a few business hours or on a seasonal basis.

The organization pointed out that in the past twenty years was a young man of four in the Arab Region (Middle East and North Africa) in the case of unemployment, despite better indicators of the education of children, male and female.

Source: Al Jazeera + French

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