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22 dead in Syria and the wave splits

Syrian authorities have published forty thousand of security and the military in the countryside of Damascus (European)

Said the General Authority for Syrian revolt that killed 22 people on Wednesday shot dead by security forces and described Bcbihh, of whom 18 were killed in the province of Homs, where the army and security forces operations a few days ago.
In the town of Aljusyh said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights The three sisters were killed and injured members of their family due to the fall of the shell at their home in theclashes between the army and gunmen believed to be dissident him. The Observatory that these clashes led to the deaths of seven soldiers and wounding others.

And issued the so-called free-Syrian army statement said the defection of a thirtieth of the regular army in possession of four tanks in the town of Aljusyh.

In the town of Deal and the City of mobility in rural shield violent clashes erupted last nightbetween the army and gunmen believed to be dissidents led to him killing one person andwounding others.

In my neighborhood Shahba and Saladin in Aleppo protests were in response to a large demonstration in support of President Bashar al-Assad came out yesterday morning in the center of Aleppo.

Also saw towns and Mare `Tel Andan raised in rural Aleppo demonstrations demandingthe departure of the system.

In the meantime, said a Lebanese security source said that the power of Syria moved a distance of 1.5 km in the Bekaa region in eastern Lebanon, killing a Syrian citizen andkidnapped his brother. Residents said the force had been after a military activists anddissidents.

The area of ​​short days before had seen violent clashes between Syrian troops anddissidents reported. The militants killed three civilians yesterday shot dead by Syrian forces in the town of mobility Bdraa.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the people died of his wounds in the town ofDamascus Erbeen province where the fiercest campaign of military and security since the protests began, in the words of Syrian activists.

And published in the framework of this campaign, no less than forty thousand members ofthe Security and the military, according to the body of the Syrian revolution which referred to the mass arrests, and the flight of heavy military helicopters.

Officers of the Syrian army a free estimate
Number of defectors at least ten thousand

Splits expandingEarlier, noted the General Authority for the Syrian revolution to violent clashes between dissidents belonging to the Syrian army and free the forces loyal to the Assad regime in Damascus town Erbeen Brief.
Was preceded by cleavages in the rural countryside of Damascus and a shield in the splits the largest areas of Rastan in Homs and short. Also saw the last few days more splits Idleb province near the Syrian-Turkish border, and militants occur on the operations of the Syrian army has killed a number of free elements of security and the military.
And activists have pointed also to the days before the clashes between dissidents and Syrian forces in Deir Al-Zour.
Demonstrations of the nightDid not solve the expansion of military and security operations in Homs, Damascus and shield and the other without the continuation of a private night of protests, thousands marched the night before last in the neighborhoods in Homs, including construction and Bayada and the door hood and Ghouta Khalidiya and chanting slogans calling for the system to drop.
Said Ali Hassan, spokesman for the General Syrian Revolution of the island that came out further demonstrations in the towns of Tel-Mare `lifted Andan Brief province of Aleppo, in the city of Aleppo, which came out of thousands of supporters to the streets in his support.
Thousands of last night also in Hama and its countryside, and in the towns around the shield, including the towns of Giza in solidarity with the subject of military operations, such as mobility. Activists and broadcast images of the other demonstrations out in the neighborhood of Damascus yesterday morning foot in Hasaka.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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