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The death of a French hostage in Somalia

Mary Dodio kidnapped from Kenya, was quoted earlier this month to Somalia (French)
French hostage died Dodio Mary, which was hijacked in Kenya and detained in Somalia since the first of October / November, HSPA announced by the French Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.
The spokesman for the ministry said in a statement that "the communications sought by the French government to set up for the release of Dodio (66 years) came to her death without being able to determine the date or circumstances of death."
"The health status of Dodio and concern about the circumstances of her abduction and the possibility that the kidnappers refused to give them drugs that we sent to them, lead us to believe that this is a tragic conclusion with the most likely regret."
Valero called "return her body immediately without conditions," and demanded that the identities of the kidnappers and bring them to justice. He denounced the French government to the behavior of the kidnappers and Tdmanha Dodio with the family and their close associates.
The Dodio suffering from cancer and heart failure, as she was obstructive, the kidnappers did not take her wheelchair, which was used to navigate.
She was abducted from her home in Dodio Manda Island in Kenya earlier this month and seized by kidnappers in the town of Ras small coastal Kamboni on the Somali side of the border. And was later taken to a nearby town in the Somali region of Juba Pass adjacent to the border with Kenya, according to local sources.
The kidnapping came Dodio, which played a crucial role in the women's movement in France in the seventies of the last century, less than a month after the abduction of British tourist named Judith Tebbutt on September 11 / September in the village of Kiwaao tourist and then transferred to Somalia.
Also abducted Nashttan Aspaintan in defense of human rights last week in eastern Kenya and also were transferred to Somalia.

Source: Agencies

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