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Prisoners editors .. Not for the hope of the subjugated died by

Prisoner's age at the center of the editor of his sisters (the island)

Wadih Awawdeh - Haifa

Received by the people of Jerusalem and the prisoners returning home Balzgarrid, flowers, and the feelings of pain on thousands of prisoners remain behind bars.

Despite opposition from Israel at the beginning of the negotiations, launched 46 prisonersand five prisoners of the inside of the owners Mahkomyat high.

He returned Mohammed Jabareen, 45, - to his hometown of Umm al-Fahm after 23 yearsin the cells to hug his wife and son and daughter away from him that arrogance, but his joyis not complete until the return of all prisoners, as confirmed Jabarin.

His wife Scheherazade Jabarin not be afraid pouring tears of joy on the cheeks andexpanded the return of her husband, saying that "day and gala wedding of freedom andhumanity."

For its part, expressed his daughter Kausar - which does not embrace her father since her childhood - her happiness Hanan Ba_i_aarha warmth of the father for the first time, sittingto his side and almost unbelievable what you see her eyes.

And his mother Fatima Jabarin need not restrain themselves about this defining moment, what I saw that her son, but tears of joy flowed and it attracts her son, after a long-deprivedfor more than two decades.

Good AnisAnd emphasizes the mother of the prisoner that the deal is a clear message to Israel, the fruit of the steadfastness and struggle of the Palestinians, stressing that their will is stronger than the racial injustice of the occupation.
In response to a question that the book confirms Jabarin best friend, Anis and most effective way to overcome the families to the sport, noting that he belongs to the Palestinian Liberation Movement (Fatah) and it has been to read religious books.
He points out that his joy is not complete without obtaining all the prisoners on their freedom, and will not feel the real taste of freedom even get out of their cells.
Mohammed, who was sentenced to life imprisonment and seven years for the murder of an agent refers to the need to arm the prisoners of hope, saying that otherwise the remaining captives are alive and died in pain, and oppress, Mfajra successfully Movement captive investment of science and the book to raise awareness of and resistance to the tyranny of families, and adds "a glimmer of hope not and will not miss them as long as there are people that resists. "
Sheikh prisonersOn the front of house prisoners Sheikh Sami Younis (Abu Nader) from the village of Ara in the territory of 48 who is over eighty years, proved to be a large banner bearing the image of the prisoner with the editor of two houses of the hair of the late Palestinian poet Salah el-Husseini, may his Echtzlan
I had broken under my affliction * Qaidi crushed executioners maker Nkpti
Blew up the prisons and began Auasfa * Admadm a flame under the banner of revolutions
And this is reflected on the issue of Yunus and his colleagues, he is captive of the pillars of the movement he helped capture three decades built.
Abu Nader, which stresses the value of the book refers to it as the rest of the prisoners knew how to get used to the lives of families, pointing out that there was no prison, where he stayed for only the most recent of Gilboa prison.
To demonstrate his conviction about the future confirms Younis fellow Mohammed Jabareen that Israel only understands the language of force and resistance, pointing out that prisoners "are united in their will, and the conservatives on the fundamentals of our people, and their message is the unity of the people and the unity of command and unity of purpose and shared struggle and liberation is the goal, not to improve their circumstances in prisons only. "

Issawi liberated smile and her daughter and her two sons

Mother of six childrenIbtisam Issawi -43 years - from Jerusalem campaigner and mother of six sons and daughters, with their father's care and Awwadhm a little tenderness and affection for the mother who left behind a child not to exceed six months.
According to Israel's harsh treatment, especially in the last hours before her release, but pointed out that the Israeli authorities kept prisoners in the hands of iron chains until shortly before their release.
And reveal the smile that challenged the soldiers, before the ten years that she had met during the process of exchange administrator Egypt stressed that Egypt and other parties seeking to follow up the file of Palestinian prisoners residues in the second phase of the Shalit deal.
Ibtisam husband congratulated her emancipation and return safely to her home after ten years absence, and pointed to the price paid by the heavy and her family, and confirmed that my Lord Rama and his two daughters Takrjta at the university, and pitched his eldest daughter and mother in captivity.
Indicated that the occupation authorities banned the festivals official to receive the released prisoners of Jerusalem.
In the village of Haifa Abtun spend raising young prisoner's editor on the age (46 years) on the shoulders of hype mixed in Bzgarrid years old women and cheers and applause of young people stayed with his cousin, who was convicted of participating in the same process in families.
Mother's lapSentenced to life imprisonment since 1988 has spent half his life in prison for his participation process to throwing hand grenades, soldiers in Haifa, leaving behind bars in the process Samir Srsawi.
But beyond the crowd in the courtyard of his home and flew to embrace his mother, who accompanied him the path of pain 27 years ago and settled in a bosom long, in an attempt to extinguish the longing for it.
Sincere fellow with whom he shared a grenade at a bus soldiers, initiated the captive editor Mohammed also increased from Lod to expel the Israeli journalists from a tent reception, noting the methodology attempts to stamp the prisoners Pfria "terrorism."

Source: Al Jazeera

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