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Dead in Yemen and for attacking the "common"

Killed five demonstrators in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a and Hodeidah shot by troopsloyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, at the time attacked the Yemeni President, JMP, accusing them of trying to blow up the situation militarily.

And killed four demonstrators in my neighborhood, measles, Soufan in the capital Sanaa, as reported by Al Jazeera reporter killed one person and wounding others shot dead bytroops loyal to the president in the western province of Hodeidah Yemen.

New fighting erupted Sunday in the neighborhood of Soufan at Clock Tower south-eastdistrict of measles in addition to the northern district of measles in the same area between the Interior Ministry building and the house of tribal leader Sheikh Sadeq rally red.

Explosions were heard fired central district of measles, which testifies months agosporadic battles between forces loyal to the benefit and the armed opposition followers of Sheikh Red. And clashed with machine guns and medium, as residents and witnesses said.

On the other hand came out the opposition demonstration in Sanaa, the change started from the yard and passed in the street and Zubairy Street, a huge business, providing a file called President Saleh to the International Criminal Court, and trial with the murderers of peaceful demonstrators. Protesters vowed to escalate until the achievement of the objectives of the peaceful revolution in full.

The demonstrators being subjected to sniper, medical sources said that the sniper killing an elderly man and semi-blind was not involved in the demonstration, also resulted in the injury of five demonstrators were injured and six civilian bystanders in the street a huge, including a woman was hit in the head and put it wrong.
On the other hand, military sources said that three soldiers of the dissident forces in the First Armored Division led by Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, were shot by snipers in the area round of Kentucky.
In turn, confirmed the security forces loyal they regained control of the buildings Water Corporation and Rural Electrification and the Shura Council, which took Eilha gunmen loyal to the family of the Red earlier, as reported by a security source told the French press.
And escalated the face of nine months between Saleh and opposition, which includes diverse spectrum of students, tribal elders and splinter factions of the army in the past few weeks after it had been relatively quiet for three months.
Deal positivelyOn the other hand an official source in the government of Yemen government's willingness to deal positively with the UN Security Council resolution.
Quoted Yemen News Agency (SABA) for the source to say that the decision was consistent with the efforts of the Yemeni government to develop a solution to the political crisis on the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
The source pointed out that the General People's Congress and National Democratic Alliance parties are ready to continue the dialogue immediately with the JMP output to Yemen from the political crisis.
In turn, welcomed the Arab League in a statement on the decision, and called for the initiative to accelerate the signing of the Gulf and to allow their application.
The Security Council adopted a resolution Friday calling for it to agree to a peaceful transfer of power to end months of bloody stalemate between the government and civilian pro-democracy demonstrators.

Charges to the subscriber
In the context accused Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday JMP opposition of trying to blow up the situation militarily.

According to the official Yemeni news agency that Saleh held a meeting with leaders of themilitary and security, the participants agreed on a joint charge blew up a military position in the framework of "the evil that is being plotted against the homeland and its unity, security and stability" as quoted by the agency.

The parties accused the participants shared that they pay in the direction of exacerbatingthe crisis and the failure to comply with efforts to calm the situation and solve problemsthrough dialogue, understanding and reconciliation.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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