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Volkswagen to expand and increase employment

Volkswagen sold 6.1 million vehicles in the first nine months of this year (Reuters - Archive)
Volkswagen has unveiled a giant German car production of its intention to raise the number of employees significantly in the coming period, for a total staff of half a million employees worldwide.
The Martin Winterkorn Chairman of the company - which is the largest carmaker in Europe - that the company after the adjournment of the number of employees will focus on progress in the areas of productivity.

And the size of the functions provided by Volkswagen in this year, between Winterkorn said in an interview with the magazine (Automotive News Europe) that were hired about 7,500 university graduates this year, expressing concern about the shortage of engineers in Germany.

It is worth mentioning that the number of employees at Volkswagen - the third-largest carmaker in the world - currently stands at about 435 thousand people.

The German company has been able to achieve a record level of sales in the first nine months of this year after it sold 6.1 million vehicles, an increase of 13.9% over the same period last year.

Volkswagen is seeking to reach total sales of cars in the current year to eight million cars, in the framework of its intention to raise the proportion of the acquisition on the market from 11.4% last year to 12%.
It should be noted that Volkswagen has developed a plan to remove the Japanese Toyota for first place as the largest producer of cars in the world by the year 2018.

Source: DBA

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