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Detection scheme Gaddafi to return to power

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Revealed the President Executive Office of the Transitional National Assembly in Libya, DrMahmoud Jibril, a plot of Colonel Libyan fugitive Muammar Gaddafi to return to power, taking advantage of differences raging between the rebels, and coincided with warningsBritish is home to the former regime and the concern of Americans because of the possible smuggling of weapons from Libya to countries of the other.

Warned Gabriel - in remarks to the newspaper "Middle East" of London published its issue on Tuesday - that "Gaddafi is still in Libya, and seeks to exploit the political differences between the rebels in an attempt to prove the existence and back again to power lost after the invasion of the rebel stronghold of the hippocampus at the barracks ofBab Azizia in Tripoli before the end of the month past. "

"The Gaddafi is working on several options, including the promotion of the instability of any new regime in Libya or to declare a separate state in the south call it any name .. (Tuareg), (South), (Africa, the Great)."

"The Fugitive Colonel (Gaddafi) has a node does not accept defeat, revenge, and can do anything impossible for the demolition of any new regime in Libya."

In describing the internal situation in Libya, Jibril said that there was a case a political vacuum, warning of the attempt of some foreign powers to fill this void in the absence ofnational forces.

Gabriel stressed that he would not back down on his resignation from his post after the declared complete the liberation of the city of Sirte, the birthplace of Colonel fugitive and the last strongholds of the pro him, considering that there is no longer any room for the return of this resignation.

He explained that his resignation comes against the backdrop of fears of turning political differences between the rebels, as well as fears of an armed clash between the rebelsbecause of their willingness to share power after the victory over al-Qadhafi.

In a related subject, warned the British Foreign Secretary William Hague, the neighboring countries of Libya on Monday of the consequences of harboring Gaddafi or members ofhis entourage, indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

  Said Haig, who was speaking during a visit to Tripoli yesterday, "We've made ​​great efforts to remind other countries of Africa in its responsibilities to arrest and hand over toLibya, the International Criminal Court or any of these people if they enter their territory."

U.S. concern
In regard to another Libyan, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta grave concern atreports of possible transmission of the weapons coming from Libya to countries of the other.

He said in a press statement, "We sent a group to the U.S. weapons experts there to see the situation, yet we did not receive a report on the situation .. but I'm still worried about the reports of the existence of these weapons there."

  This came in response to the minister a question on a U.S. weapons experts who were sent to Libya on a mission to track down the missing missiles or weapons in Libya.

And visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Malta on Tuesday for talks with Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi on the situation in Libya.

Malta was played during the Libyan crisis as a logistics for the evacuation of workers andhumanitarian aid, but also played a role in monitoring air traffic over Libya.

They noted that the rebels would enable them to tighten their control over the town of BeniWalid, after a siege of six weeks, but they have not yet been able to control even the proponents of Sirte, Gaddafi had repelled the rebels in some places in the city and forced them to retreat.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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