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Palestinian Authority warns against killing of ex-detainees

Warned the Palestinian Authority, which she described as "a dangerous escalation of terrorism" practiced by the settlers, against the backdrop of calls for settlers to kill prisoners of editors in the exchange deal between Israel and Hamas. Israel announced that it will monitor the released prisoners, Hamas confirmed that it will not give up the quest for the release of those who remain in the prisons of Palestinian prisoners.
It seems that the anger that sparked the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel among Israeli families of members killed in attacks by Palestinians, and reached to the threat of retaliation.
The family made the settler Shlomo Liebman, who was killed by Palestinian gunmen in the settlement of Yizhar 13 years ago a prize of one hundred thousand dollars to anyone who killed captors editors Ramadan Abdul Jalil, Nizar facilitator, and the published ads to this effect in Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish.

This was preceded by a family Sakhvsguedr Israeli threats to avenge the killing of five policemen in the suicide attack that targeted the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001.
The threats come from extremists, but some of the prisoners spoke of death threats they received from Israeli intelligence officers, such as release, along with the imposition of house arrest on a number of other ex-detainees and restricting their movement and threatened with arrest.
ControlThis comes while the reported Israeli report on Friday that the Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet) will monitor the Palestinian prisoners freed in a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas, in collaboration with the Egyptian intelligence, and Turkish, while being in Israel is on the development of new standards for transactions in exchange for the future.
The newspaper "Haaretz" The Shin Bet will be watching with Egyptian intelligence editors of Palestinian prisoners who returned to the West Bank and Gaza Strip in order to make sure they did not return to the practice of armed activity.
She added that Israel will cooperate with the Turkish intelligence similar to the control of the 11 Palestinian prisoners who were deported to Turkey in the framework of the exchange deal recently.
Shin Bet and the Palestinian prisoners were forced to sign such release, a pledge not to return to work armed.

The release of the restOn the other hand, a student member of the political bureau of Hamas, Israel release all Palestinian prisoners from its jails to avoid a repeat of what happened with the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, saying that his movement would not give up for the release of the remaining in prison.
Mahmoud al-Zahar during his Friday sermon at a mosque in the beach in Gaza City attended by dozens of ex-detainees from the West Bank, said that "the concerned to absorb the lesson, that they have a chance to release the our prisoners in any way they see, whether the decisions affecting them or the decisions of international or interventions UN ".
He added, "we send a clear message to those it means that we will not give up the release of our prisoners in Israeli jails, whatever the consequences", in reference to his willingness to repeat the experience of families of soldiers after Shalit, who was released after the release of 477 Palestinian female prisoners and Tuesday.
And Israel is preparing to implement the second phase of the exchange deal with Hamas, and quoted, "Ha'aretz," Israeli political source as saying that he will be released 550 Palestinian security prisoners not sentenced to eternal sentences were convicted of killing Israelis, and that Israel will select them without negotiations with Hamas.
Carried out last Tuesday, the first phase of the prisoner exchange deal with Hamas soldier Gilad Shalit to 1027 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, to hand over Shalit in exchange for the 450 prisoners and 27 prisoner, to be the second stage nearly two months after the release of 550 Palestinian prisoners.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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