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Muammar Gaddafi's life story from the date of his birth to his death

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Muammar Gaddafi (7 June 1942-20 October 2011) governor of Libya since a coup in 1969 until the establishment of the Libyan Revolution 2011, which overthrew wisely.Muammar Gaddafi graduated from the Benghazi military academy in 1966 to take part after three years in a military coup overthrew Libya's King Idris al-Sanusi. Longer the period of his reign, which lasted for forty-two years the longest in the history of Libya since it became an Ottoman province year 1551. The longer the reign of the royal ruler in history. [2]Began his military coup on the constitutional monarchy called Fateh Revolution of September when he was a lieutenant in the Libyan army, in the September 1, 1969 which overthrew King Idris I, ex. He called himself the title of Leader of the Revolution is also known as "Colonel Gaddafi" and launched the system in 1977, his name public. As he himself served as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces since 1969, and served as Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council in the period (1969-1977). And Gaddafi is one of the Arab leaders who came to power in the second half of the twentieth century in the era of Arab nationalism and the colonial powers for the evacuation of the Arab world.Vatakz in the first line of Arab national, and tried to declaration of unity with Tunisia as between Egypt and Syria, but all his attempts ended in failure. Are transferred from the Arab national project to project African descent, and called himself "king of kings of Africa". [3] [4]Raised his ideas posed a lot of controversy and condemnation by many inside and outside Libya, especially after Astafrdah the decision in the country for one may make for four decades and charged with his family on charges of corruption and waste of the capabilities of the country for many years and the suppression of civil liberties, despite posed by the thought of public participation in power, which created in the seventies of the last century, as provided in the Green Book. [5] built a system that is unparalleled in the world at all, not Paljmhori not monarchy, but it is a combination of systems, ancient and modern, claims that he does not judge, but leads the leads, but in fact refers to the he devoted all the powers and responsibilities in his hands.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
His personal life

His full name is Abdul Salam Mohammed Muammar Abu Minyar Gaddafi, of the tribeAlqmazfah. Born on June 7, 1942 [6] in the village its name (Hell) near (Shoaib Alkraih) in the valley of sweeping area of Sirte, killed on 20.10.2011 in the city of Sirte. His father sent him to the town of Sirte, where taking the primary in 1956, then moved to the city of Sebhain the south, lived within the confines of his mother and married Fathia Khaled with whichhis eldest son, Muhammad Qaddafi, and then divorced in the early and specifically after he seized power and married Safia Farkash, which his seven children. And the largest SonsMohammed Gaddafi and his wife first, followed by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, followed by a second-Saadi, Billah, Seif al-Arab, Hannibal, Khamis his only daughter is Aisha Gaddafi.
It was branded a telegram issued by the U.S. ambassador to Tripoli Gene Cretz in 2009as a "personal mercurial and eccentric, suffers from several types of phobias, likes todance flamenco and Spanish horse racing, doing what appeared to him and bother your friends and enemies alike." The telegram adds that Gaddafi gets a heart of involuntaryfear of heights so he is afraid the upper floors of buildings, as he prefers not to fly over thewater.

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
His wivesFathia Khaled Nouri Colonel's wife first, were not received by the Authority, but the school nurse, gave birth to his sons, including the largest (Muhammad), and said that their marriage lasted only months.Safia Farkash Gaddafi's second wife, a nurse for the former Libyan know it the first time while undergoing treatment at a hospital and fathered her seven children of others. They move across the country by private jet, and waiting for a convoy of Mercedes cars in each airport up to him, her movements are discreet. Hosted a banquet in the compound of Bab Azizia on the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution, and the event was a festive nature. Descend from the city of Casablanca.His sonsThe following profile of the Gaddafi family, according to the telegrams of the U.S. Embassy in Libya, which were leaked by Wikileaks site. There is an article Todhah sons Gaddafi 1 - Mohamed Gaddafi: the eldest son of Gaddafi's first wife. Heads the Libyan Olympic Committee, which now owns 40% of the Libyan Beverage Company, currently is the owner of the Coca-Cola Company in Libya. It also manages to Jean public postal and telecommunications and corporate derivatives thereof, and is responsible for cutting off communications from Libya during the first days of the Revolution of February 17, and Mohammed Gaddafi opponent a little bit of the policies of his father and when the troops entered the Libyan opposition armed to the capital, Tripoli, with the assistance of NATO on 21 / 8 / 2011 m under Mohammed in his home with his mother and his sons and his bodyguards and personal same day surrounded a group of armed opposition forces his home and during the conversation with Al-Jazeera said he under house arrest, said Mohamed, commenting on current events "saddened by the fighting between brothers and brothers and I wished to solve problems and friendly dialogue "and ended his phone call with channel voice bursts of bullets turned out to be clashes between his bodyguards and a group that was surrounded his house then commented Mustafa Abdul Jalil, and the Libyan Minister of Justice and former President of the Transitional National Assembly through a telephone conversation later with Al Jazeera, saying" Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi will remain in his home in complete security and ensure that, "He also said that an exchange of fire between three of the bodyguards of the son of the greatest of Gaddafi and the rebels who surround his home, killing one guerrilla and wounding two in addition to injuring one of the guards while not hurt Muhammad Gaddafi or any members of his family's happening to re-channel the island to connect again, but the call ended, as in the previous time a shower of bullets, to discover later that he and the help of members of the battalion loyal to Gaddafi escaped from house arrest imposed to the State of Algeria accompanied by other members of the Gaddafi family. [8] [9]2 - Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the sons of the second-largest, and looked at him over the years prior to the revolution of February 17 as the leader who is prepared to succeed his father.Appeared a few days after the outbreak of protests on television and addressed the nation is threatened and warned of civil war, forces said the Libyan opposition armed they arrested him before entering the city of Tripoli, the Libyan capital on 21 / August / 2011, and confirmed then the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo that the news However, Saif al-Islam re-emerged again at dawn on Tuesday 23 / August / 2011 at the base of the door Azizia among a crowd of supporters and a number of journalists mocking the arrest warrant issued by the International Court of Justice against him, and said Mrasilwa several news agencies including Reuters and the BBC and Agence France-Presse that they Meet Seif al-Islam and made them statements that his father was still in Tripoli denied Saif al-Islam reported his arrest and the control of opposition forces on the capital, and Aadott International Court of Justice denied the report that quoted Prosecutor of the Tribunal that Saif al-Islam, was arrested, the Court of Justice Aldlah issued against him is his father arrest warrant and accused the court of being behind the implementation of assassinations inside Libya and wrapped mystery fate of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, after the fall of the base door Azizia, however, opposition forces on 23 / August / 2011. [9] [10] an engineer and holds a doctorate from the Faculty of Economic Science in London, and considered the face of the system abroad. That the club has already political and economic reform, and "support" the role of non-governmental organizations [citation needed] through its chairmanship of the Gaddafi International Charity.U.S. Embassy in Tripoli said it "has been the role of Saif al-Islam, an international high-level interface to the system as a blessing and a curse on it. Reinforced his image, but many Libyans view him as too self-esteem and keen to appease the foreigners."Accompanied by Saif al-Islam, the main suspect and the convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, who was convicted to life imprisonment in Scotland, but the authorities there released him in 2009 and allowed him to return to the Ibiaasapth cancer and pretext "to allow him to death in his country and his family."3 - Saadi: The third sons of Gaddafi, known for his misconduct and has a troubled past includes clashes with police in Europe (especially Italy), and drug abuse, alcohol, and the celebrations continued, and travel abroad in spite of his father.Player of former professional football (played one season with Perugia and was in the First Division in Italy. Owns a large stake in one of the largest National team soccer teams in Libya, and chaired the Union of Libyan football). Holds a degree in engineering and worked briefly an officer in the unit of special forces.Has used its own forces for trade concessions. Owns a television production company and said that he had participated in crushing the protests 2011 in Benghazi.4 - Hannibal: Gaddafi's fourth son, and his record is full of volatile confrontations with the authorities in Europe and elsewhere. And his wife was arrested in Geneva on charges of beating servants which led to a diplomatic crisis between Libya and Switzerland over Swiss stop chasing Hannibal after the Libyan threats to withdraw investments.In December 2009, recalled working in the Hotel Claridge in London police after hearing screams coming from the room, Hannibal, has found a woman named Aline Skaf - which is his wife today - and her face is full of wounds, but did not file a complaint against him and claimed that the injuries as a result of stumbling and falling to the ground.5 - Mu'tasim: fifth sons of Qadhafi, his father's adviser for national security and was until recently enjoyed great Bhzawh. In 2008, an amount of $ 1.2 billion for the establishment of a military unit or similar to those that led his younger brother Thurs Lost control of many of the personal business interests between 2001 and 2005, when his brothers took advantage of his absence and the power of their own companies have imposed on the country. Described by the Serbian ambassador in Libya as "do not have a sharp intelligence."6 - Khamis: the sixth son of Gaddafi, the commander of special forces unit - Battalion 32 - or the banner of Thursday, the Brigade was trained in Russia and plays an effective protection system. This unit is also involved in the suppression of protesters opposed to the Qadhafi regime.7 - Gaddafi's daughter Aisha and play the role of mediator in resolving family disputes, and working in the field of non-governmental organizations. Libyans Astkdamha remember the singer Lionel Richie to Libya several years ago to sing at her birthday gala ceremony.8 - Hana: "daughter of" the adopted Gaddafi, Gaddafi claimed that it "killed" in the bombing of Tripoli in 1986.9 - Saif Al Arab: less than eight known children of Gaddafi. Is said to be living in Munich, Germany where it is said that he runs a number of interests are not clear-cut, and is known to spend a lot of his time at parties.Claimed that the Libyan authorities in Tripoli that he "was killed after an air strike on a building of the Gaddafi by NATO fighters evening of April 30, 2011 attack on a house belonging to Muammar Gaddafi," The television announced the Libyan official that he was killed and three grandsons of Colonel in the bombing of the North Atlantic Treaty on his home while presence and his father's Muammar Gaddafi and his wife there.10 - Event: "Son," the seventh of Gaddafi, the son of his brother, who adopted him.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
His ideas and theses

Put Muammar Gaddafi, a political theory of governance based on the authority of the people through direct democracy through the Basic People's Congresses as a tool for legislation and the People's Committees as a tool for implementation and provides a detailed explanation of them in the Green Book, written in the seventies of the twentieth century, the past and which also contains a theory put socialism has not been shown put forward by the corner of the social theory known as the Third World theory to distinguish it from its predecessors of capitalism and Marxism. He says Muammar Gaddafi them they are the essence of human experience and provides Muammar Gaddafi during his experience in politics when he was a student political tool unique know the Revolutionary Committees not among the objectives of access to power also has views on international issues and environmental issues and proposals for solutions posed in which ideas of for the solution of the so-called problem of the Middle East and chronic which is focused onIsraeli - Palestinian conflict is the vision, including the White Paper (Isratine), which sets out the views and perceptions of Arabs and Jews and politicians from the West andinternational projects commends and supports the solution proposed in the White Paperwith a state and a single integrated to the Palestinians and the Jews according to read and see the roots of the problem and its causes and dimensions of all.

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Toward ArabsThe fact that Gaddafi group of officers Liberal Unionist in 1964, and played a crucial role in the coup to judge Sanusi in Libya in the first of September / September 1969, was declared a republic in Libya, which later renamed to the public.Known for Gaddafi association strong leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, and his calls for strong Arab unity, so that he was an enthusiast of the unit fusion with its neighbors, the Arabs, such as Egypt and Tunisia, but this enthusiasm was soon extinguished in the later stages, where the abandoned Arab hinterland of Libya for the depth African, so he put the map of Africa instead of the Arab world map as one of the backgrounds the official in the state, and called for African unity as he did before with the Arab countries, before the self-styled king of kings of Africa.In 1976, Gaddafi's Green Book published and made him an icon of public image, and which he presented what he called the Third Universal Theory, which he considered excess of Marxism and capitalism, and are based on the rule of the popular masses, was the adoption of green colors officially in the country.Known for Gaddafi extremism in many of the issues, and his attempts to get out of the ordinary and dominant, even in cases agreed, and between, for example, his position on the Palestinian issue and call for establishment of a state called "Isratine" gathered between Palestine and Israel, and his decision to abandon the Islamic calendar, and the adoption of a new calendar and unique to Libya and the start of the death of the Prophet peace be upon him, and the adoption of labels different from the prevailing names of the months.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Called the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, the title of Secretary of Arab nationalism and Arab unity [citation needed]. National concern and worries him is always the initiator to the launch of several experiments unity:Tripoli Charter unitary December 27, 1969 between Egypt - Sudan - Libya.The Cairo Declaration in 1970 which was based on the principles of the revolution, freedom, socialism, unity between the three countries.Federation of Arab Republics 17/4/1971 between Libya, Egypt, Syria, as the core to achieve the overall unity.Unit fusion between Libya and Egypt in the year 1972.Unity march led by the head of Igdir heading to Egypt, the expression of the will of the Arab people in achieving Arab unity fusion July 18, 1973.Djerba statement for the establishment of the Arab Islamic Republic, between Libya and Tunisia, Bourguiba in the April 12, 1974Statement of Hassi Messaoud Unionist between Libya and Algeria, December 28, 1975.Good unity with Syria and Sudan to achieve political and economic integration.Statement and Jeddah Unionist between Morocco and Libya in August 18, 1984 for the establishment of the Arab Union of Africa.Call the Arab countries in 1988 to join the Arab-African Union, which set up with Morocco in 1984 and which is considered a gateway to a comprehensive Arab unity.The project submitted by the Unionist at the Arab Summit of 1988.Remove the border gates and phantom between Libya and Tunisia and Egypt along with the other hand, in the year 1988.Prominent role of the mass in the unification of Yemen.Marrakesh Agreement of the Arab Maghreb Union in 1989 as a preliminary stage to comprehensive Arab unity.Project before the Union of Arab kings and heads of Arab states, which ensure that the Arab countries, among them a union have a legal personality, and has the necessary capacity to perform its functions in the country.Members and the development of the Arab League and converted from a coordinating framework to formalize a real union between their countries.The Arab-African Union project that unites Arabs and Africans in the space of a large strategic prevent rupture and scatter the Arab and fragmentation and loss of continental blocks and spaces are different.

To Africa
Orientation towards Africa is not new in the thought of Muammar Gaddafi, but as long as itechoed since the beginning of the slogans of the revolution in 1969 that Africa is for Africans .. NATO and not only for Africa itself, stressing the importance and the role of the African continent in the world today. In this regard, the African states played an important role in softening the position of the U.S. and Britain to accept the conditions Libya on the Lockerbie case by taking a decision at the summit, Ouagadougou, the Heads of State andGovernment of the Organization of African Unity to break the ban of the UN Security Council on Libya by September of the same year, which was held in which What the summit did not respond to two of the conditions of Libya. This may support the orientations of Muammar Gaddafi, especially African and international circumstances have witnessedmany developments that push towards unification of the continent He founded in 1999,Community of Sahel and Sahara, which now includes 23 countries in its membership, andmake Muammar Gaddafi after the unremitting efforts to develop the Organization ofAfrican Unity and transformed into the African Union, which succeeded in already in theSirte summit of African leaders held on September 9, 1999, known as 09/09/1999, whichissued the Sirte Declaration famous, and open the doors of Libya Africa broadly is notreceived before. And seeks now to the United States of Africa.

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
His relations with the WestAlready enjoyed by Libyan leader with the West Balsaddam and tension because of comments, attitudes and activities of the Colonel, which considers the Western powers hostile and supportive of "international terrorism", and arrived in strained relations between the two peaks when the American planes bombed the headquarters the summer of 1986, but survived the attack .. [11 ]In 1988 the United States accused Libya and Britain of masterminding the plane crash U.S. Airways Pan Am over Lockerbie in Scotland in 1988, killing 259 passengers in addition to 11 residents of Lockerbie. The United States imposing an economic blockade on Libya in 1992.But relations between the two sides strengthened considerably in recent years after Libya reached a settlement of the Lockerbie case in August / August 2003, Libya paid under compensation by about $ 2.7 billion, and handed over two of its citizens accused of bombing two Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and the Secretary Fahima to eliminate the Scottish Ahakmanma in the Netherlands, was sentenced to life imprisonment and first cleared the second, and in 2009 was deported al-Megrahi to Libya because of his illness.And strengthened relationship with the West after Gaddafi dismantled its nuclear program, peace and all documents, equipment and information to the United States of America.As a result of the new policy to Gaddafi, the Security Council in 2003 to lift the sanctions imposed on Libya.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
External issues
The issue of Musa al-Sadr
There is a lot of controversy about the disappearance of Musa al-Sadr (leader of the ShiiteLebanese large) and the link that Gaddafi has disappeared and the chest was with him inLibya during the visit, on a more allegations. And being alive or dead, is still the center of a serious question. Said Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in one of his speeches that the former is not only for Libya Post Imam claimed that a Libyan dissidents knew of al-Sadr in Libya, one of the prisons, using it for political leverage. Sadr did not know whether he is in Libya or not because the last visited the headquarters of Libya is why the accused Libya of this kidnapping. He came Mr. Musa Sadr in Libya at the personal invitation ofGaddafi. It was hosted by Mr. Kadhafi, how can disappear without the knowledge of the host. Also was accompanied by two of his comrades are Sheikh Mohammed Yacoub and journalist Abbas Badr al-Din, are also disappeared with him.
In February 2011, Maj. Abdel-Moneim Hun - a partner Muammar Gaddafi in the Al-Fateh Revolution and the delegate of Libya, resigned to the Arab League - that "the Imam Musa al-Sadr was killed during his famous visit to Libya and was buried in the Sabha in thesouth of the country" - while Mr Sadr al-Din al-Sadr son of Imam Musa al-Sadr that his father is still Trapped in a Libyan prison

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Lockerbie caseIt was the Lockerbie case of the most serious challenges faced by Muammar Gaddafi did not, however, the West, once a strong argument can be used against Libya in his struggle with such an issue is not the adequacy of the directory where but because the West was able to get a resolution from the UN Security Council is required Libya to surrender two of its citizens suspected of involvement in the incident and the decision itself is not a significant pressure on Libya is that the formula provided by the two countries could be developed that can amount to a military action against Libya under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.Able to Muammar Gaddafi over seven years is the period it took the crisis to manage her are led to the withdrawal of Libya safely maneuvering between the acceptance of international resolutions sometimes and then negotiated, and sometimes challenging them, breaking the air embargo imposed by the fact that the Libyan aircraft to transfer batches of pilgrims without permission from the United Nations or he is breaking the ban by going to the Arab or African on board the aircraft for Libyan without the permission of that organization, or to circumvent the economic embargo through a network of financial institutions could Muammar Gaddafi hosted over the years, and that the employed are made from the ban does not affect the Libyan decision. Have been able to Muammar Gaddafi to hire the Libyan economy and international relations established by since his arrival to power of leadership in Libya to serve the fight against it from opponents who Anvkoa are looking for opportunities to catch him and did not succeed some day in their goals, were also able to Muammar Gaddafi succeed in mobilizing the Libyans this battle, and that makes them the opportunity to gather other than around him. Libya has triumphed in this political battle, after the acceptance of the United States to prosecute the two suspects to a neutral country.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Of the Bulgarian nurses
In contrast to the nurses Ukrainian who was their favor with Gaddafi, has resolved his anger and indignation on their native Bulgarian who came originally to Libya - as Ukrainian- in search of salaries high, but ended up being prisoners with a Palestinian doctor for infecting 436 of Benghazi children with HIV.] 12]
As I hovered doubts about the credibility of accusations as Colonel of the Bulgarian nurseswas the end of the story less credible and more suspicious and controversial when it ended about them amnesty in return for compensation nearly half a billion dollars byBulgaria to the families of infected children.
But the Bulgarians said that they did not pay a penny to the Libyans before unfolding other information that the Colonel is about the money transaction to be returned to him again,and the situation has been problematic and ambiguous while admitting to his son, Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, was subjected to torture, and no proof of the charges on them, recognizing that the story was intended primarily to blackmail the West.
The Palestinian doctor accompanying them to the Europeans was merciful to him thanwhen Gaddafi insisted on his inclusion in a deal to release despite the objections of the Libyan negotiator, and to facilitate inclusion in the deal and get him out of hell, Gaddafi has been granted Bulgarian citizenship.

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Gaddafi's new
When the trial of two Libyan suspects in the Lockerbie case and was convicted of onebased on circumstantial evidence, bet everyone that this was the beginning of another phase of hostility between Muammar Gaddafi and his opponents, but the bet was a losingentered Libya in the negotiations proved that the issue is not of Lockerbie in itself, butLibya and role of regional and international levels, and Libya and its intentions to build theirdefense of self, including the nuclear program, which abandoned it for fear of December 19, 2003, and has opened the door to the West, to replace Muammar Gaddafi visitEurope at the Office of their Federation in Brussels and the deputies interlocutor to them,and receives in Libya in less than a year the leaders of actors in European politics areTony Blair, British Prime Minister, and Gerhart Schroeder, the German Chancellor, and Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic, and has proved Muammar Gaddafi,once again his skill and ability to maintain the role of Libya and its centrality in the Arab-African space. Received in December 2007 in Portugal in the Africa-Europe Summit, followed by a historic visit to France and Spain.

ملف:Vladimir Putin with Muammar Gaddafi-2.jpg
His speech at the United NationsIn the September 23, 2009 visited the headquarters of the United Nations and spoke before the General Assembly in a speech-hour and a half, and in his speech, his first in front after four decades of his reign, he Gaddafi to express the absurdity of this organization for the symbolic step reflects just how discontent and protest against the absurdity of this organization's vast and governed by the West in general and the United States in particular, to tear the Charter of the United Nations which are not met him just a preamble to claim that the reason for the existence of the United Nations "to maintain international peace and security" and called for the transfer of authority of the Security Council to this Commission that it has become "the Council of terror" will not recognize his decisions? After today, if it continues its current composition, Gaddafi called for an inquiry into all the wars and assassinations. Gaddafi said that 65 war broke out since the establishment of the United Nations, the Organization's reform is not expanding the Security Council because it would not be reconciled with large countries.He wondered how Italy will relinquish that fought with the Allies for the seat of Germany that caused World War and defeated them? He said the solution is to cancel memberships for individual confederations. He said Gaddafi that Africa deserves a permanent seat, even without Security Council reform, benefit from the past as "an isolated continent and oppressed look at them as animals and slaves and colonies under trusteeship."He said that China is the only state that "our voice" in the Security Council, which assumes that the states trial is left to choose their own communities is free, he said, to be reactionary or dictatorial or what she wants.He asked why not allow the Taliban to control Afghanistan as a religious state, "the Vatican"?.Gaddafi described the General Assembly as the "Hyde Park", the famous London park, that is a platform for speech only, and attacked the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Court of Justice because they Thaspan only the weak.And presentation of a proposal to compensate for the colonial powers to stop migration (to the north) because it happened behind the looted wealth, there is migration from country to Italy, because the latter approved the compensation for colonialism and apologized and signed a treaty to prevent the assault.He proposed to pay to Africa 777 trillion dollars of compensation for the colonial period.He greeted the speech Barack Obama did not give him discourse by any American president lived during, and said that he agreed entirely with that Khaddath the impossibility of imposing democracy from outside. He said that Africa is proud of her son, "" Black, who became president, but "a flash in the dark" age of four years and beyond, "Who can guarantee who rules America?".He also called on to investigate the many issues, Cgzo Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan wars and executions did not know who carried out, he said, Kaaadam Saddam Hussein a prisoner of war and the "head of state member of the United Nations", and also to investigate the scandal, "Abu Ghraib", and aggression on Gaza and the massacres of Sabra and Shatila. He asked why not investigate the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, and even U.S. President John Kennedy, who is a descriptive - according to Gaddafi - when he wanted to subject Israeli Dimona reactor for inspection.Turning to the Gaddafi several issues of the swine flu and the Ottawa Treaty to ban anti-personnel mines to Palestine, Darfur and the maritime piracy.Gaddafi has accused major companies publish the swine flu virus and manufacturing vaccine for trading him, wondering how to pay compared to human medicine?.The Ottawa Convention was considered wrong and called the current signatories to review their positions, because of their use of mines because they are already defensive.The Palestinian issue is not a solution to it - he said - only in one democratic state for two peoples, the impossibility of the two neighboring countries, because they overlapped in the first place. He addressed the Jews, saying that the Arabs who protected them from the Romans and the Inquisition and the Holocaust, and the West caught up now to defend them from the fight.In Darfur, the peace is established by Gaddafi, who has accused Western countries of fueling the conflict in search of a foothold, and invited them to transfer aid to development projects.He defended the Somali pirates are defending understand - will suffice - for their country's wealth by looting countries of their water pollution, toxic waste, also, he met them and offered them a treaty protecting the rights of their country against the cessation of kidnapping.But Gaddafi was not subjected to the results of the investigation in the alleged massacre at Abu Salim Prison in the mid-Altsaiat where he was killed about 1,200 prisoners in cold blood in June 1996.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
His fortune
Site Wikileaks published reports said that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, tops the list ofwealthy Arab leaders with a wealth estimated at 131 billion dollars, nearly six times thewealth of the budget to Libya in 2011 to $ 22 billion. Reports say most investments Gaddafiin Italy because of the close relationship it has with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whichhas about 5% of the major Italian companies, also owns shares in the club, Juventus, oil company "Tamoil", insurance companies and communications companies and clothingfamous. Statistics estimate that the wealth of Gaddafi could meet the needs of the Arab world food which is estimated between 20 and 25 billion dollars for three to four years.

Guards charactersFigures are guards to the unusual clothes and Arab Al Khaimah three aspects associated with the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and called attention to in his visits to different countries. [14]The choice of Colonel Gaddafi for women to protect him at odds with the stated perceptions about women, and repeated his assertions in his book that the green "place of women is the home because the assignment to the functions of men Evkdhen femininity and beauty."The information available for the few guards that Gaddafi Taadadhen up to about 400 Guard, and they form a unit with a privileged position within the Special Forces in charge of protection of the law.The origins of these guards to the area of ​​the desert that indicate historical novels traded in Libya that it was the seat of Alomazegeyat women warriors in Greek mythology.Gaddafi Harsath and choose according to specific criteria, notably that no more than twenty years of age, and virginity, and not to marry, and provide a certain amount of beauty, strength and structure crucially-like structure of strong men, and absolute loyalty to "the Leader of the Revolution."And get all the candidates for the post of guardian to Gaddafi on the rehabilitation of a military outpost where the emphasis is on mastering the use of all types of handguns, rifles, machine guns and the practice of sports physical docking violent Kakaratah and judo.Wears a candidate after its accession to the guards, Colonel military green suit, narrow and low-heeled shoes, and armed with a pistol and a dagger quick shots, and allows them to use cosmetics while in service and hiding her hair under the cap military.Not only functions Gaddafi guards to protect the latter in the solution, and his travels, goes beyond it to Mlazemth around the clock and help him to wear a long garment and entertainment for and read the pages of the Green Book.Gaddafi and called on the name Aisha Harsath all of them named after his only daughter, and accompanied by the Libyan leader in international visits between 12 and 40 of the Harsath who Emezhen numbers and called them the title of the Sisters of the Revolution.These guards and caused a problem in the protocol when the famous Egyptian guards prevent them from entering the room with Gaddafi to an international conference attended by the recent Sharm el-Sheikh four years ago. [14]It is not known why the Libyan Colonel choose for himself instead of his guards guards men, but the Swiss newspaper Bazlr Zeitung attributed this to the Libyan leader's belief that women are less dangerous by the guards, the men who could betray him and Atamarwa it.The newspaper pointed out that the guards young women were Akavon on the Aúhen leader leader giving them the salaries of fictitious and send them to shop in Italy from time to time, and revealed that the confidence of the Libyan leader absolute Bharsath declined for unknown reasons in the recent period, and pointed out that appearance of the most prominent of this decline is stripped guards from the pistol and dagger .In addition to the Swiss newspaper revealed, the observers noted the disappearance of young guards - who did not work any media to meet one of them - of the scene surrounding the outbreak of the revolution, Gaddafi since February 17.
صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Ukrainian nursesIn addition to Harsath young women, known for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in recent years, surrounds itself with four Ukrainian nurses, entered the media spotlight after the recent documents WikiLeaks about them. [14]
The U.S. secret diplomatic cable published to the site nurse Galina Kolotnitska is only one of her colleagues that accompany the Libyan leader wherever he went, and know all the routine of his life.The document - a telegram from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli to the State Department in Washington - to cause the routine procedures to delay travel nurse Ukrainian blonde two years ago, push Gaddafi to send his private jet on removal from Tripoli to join him in Portugal, where he was on his way to New York. [14 ]Unique to the nurses of the general status of women, especially among the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has made them the First Ladies and the most privileged and closer to the heart of the Colonel, who became after the arrival of power surrounding the perimeter of the same female nurses and guards. [12]Safia Farkash and enjoy (his second wife) and the influence of travel - according to the documents, Wikileaks - in a private jet, in the service of a convoy of Mercedes cars to take her from the airport to their destination, but the movements are limited and shrouded in secrecy.While the nurse Farkash stayed away from the spotlight the relationship of leader, a nurse is another Ukrainian, "Galina Kolotnitska" (38 years) entered the Department of the mass media since last year after the publication of Wikileaks cable from U.S. Ambassador in Tripoli talking about that Gaddafi relies heavily on Mamrdth "Blonde Temptress. "The crisis that hit the health system in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 has led many doctors and nurses to go to Libya to work at higher pay than they get in the Ukraine.Among them was exercised by Galina nursing a Libyan hospital before Astafaha Colonel, and surrounded by an aura of care and rounding.Galina is not the only part of the Ukrainian ocean Gaddafi, there is according to the Wikileaks publication of four Ukrainian nurses care for the health of Gaddafi.According to official estimates, as the Ukrainian, with more than 2,500 Ukrainians in Libya, most of them doctors and nurses, but Galina remains the most promising and closest to the heart of the leader because it alone "know your routine," and accompanied by constantly and can not travel without them.With the outbreak of the Libyan Revolution in 2011 became the mystery surrounding the fate of the nurses Ukrainian, especially with the reporting of the media news of the return of the nurse, or perhaps women more important in the life of Gaddafi, "Galina" to her native Ukraine in the plane carrying about 120 nationals of Ukrainians do not know exactly how you nurses, including the rest of the stimuli controversial.

Revolution of February 17

On Monday night from the date of 22/8/2011 m 22/9/1432 H corresponding to Gaddafi's regime fell and was told that his sons Saif al-Islam and Mohammed families after the entry of the rebels to Tripoli, but that irrefutable images of Saif al-Islam at the dawn on 23 and it threatens and threatens the rebels in That afternoon the rebels stormed the stronghold of Bab Azizia Colonel Gaddafi's house where there is resistance and cleared of battalions of security of the Qadhafi ..Arab revolutionsDid not receive Gaddafi events revolutions Arab a lot of welcome as if he expected that it will guest heavily on the door, has raised the ire of many Tunisians and Arabs when he criticized the overthrow of Tunisian President ousted Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, said that the Tunisian Hasten overthrow him, as he had telephoned Egyptian President deposed HosniMubarak during the Egyptian revolution, and sent him a message of solidarity in the face of the revolution, which quickly spread the flames to Libya a few days after the departure of Mubarak .. [11]As long considered Qadhafi himself "Commander of the Revolution" and a supporter of many liberation movements, such as the Basque in Spain and the Republican Party of Ireland and the Polisario and the Palestinian factions, have also complained of many Arab regimes and African support and funding for insurgencies and coup attempts it, but with the suppression of a strong iron and fire all opponents of the regime, just like what happened in Abu Salim prison in 1996, when the killing of more than 1200 prisoners by firing squad.
In popular culture
Echoed Fahim, who represented actor Khaled Bouzid is a "house house" in the seriesNsepta 2, which he cherished channel people.
The MP said Abu Khalifa, who embodies the role the Kuwaiti artist Tariq Ali, in the series "Filth" screened on MBC "Satehr Deera of corruption .. Road House Road House .. .. ZenjhZenjh" When I first decided to start his duties in the Freej [15].
Said the artist Abdullah Al Sadhan in the series Tash Ma Tash in Part 18, which displaysthe MBC is a "house of house, a tree is a tree, a waste a waste"
Timor in the series 2, which displayed on the Al Jazeera Children's echoed by the representative of the Hkurn Mortagi be represented on the role of an employee in the municipality is a "House of House, Dar Dar,,, Booth Booth"
In a series of collective Family 3 Zalloum echoed Representative Wise words (rue Bznqh)

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
Behind the new market, packaging and principles of war
Green Book World Center for Studies and Research of the Green Book.
Annotations to the Green Book World Center for Studies and Research of the Green Book.
The village .. The village, the land .. Land, and the suicide of astronaut
Long live the State of Tykes
Isratine white paper.
National register includes speeches and speeches and dialogues and meetings of political and press releases issued from it so far (36 part) from the International Center for Studies and Research of the Green Book.
Cursed the family of Jacob, and blessed, O Caravan
Herb and the tree cursed Alkhlah

صور معمر القذافي صور نادرة ابيض وأسود صور جديدة صور قديمة للقذافي
His deathKill Gaddafi in October 20, 2011 from his wounds after he was arrested by the rebels to Libya, where he found hiding in a basements in the city of Sirte with the Minister of Defense and bodyguards after fleeing from a raid NATO targeted and killed with Abu Bakr Younis, Minister of Defense and killed his son Mutasim, and even thought moment also killed his son, Seif al-Islam [16], has announced the transfer of the Libyan Transitional Council, Gaddafi's body to the city of Misurata. [17] [18], while Mohammed Al-Laith Field Commander for the Southern District in the city of Sirte to kill or wound a raid by NATO and stressed that the Libyan rebels were killed [19]Reactions to his deathWas the international reaction to the killing Gaddafi is much welcome and farewell to the formation of Libyans Libya Dmqratip, free and state of all the Libyan people's responses came as follows:Ban Ki-moon called on Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations Libyans to work for the establishment of a new era of pluralism and justice.Barack Obama is considered by U.S. President Barack Obama that killing Muammar Gaddafi closed a long chapter to the Libyan people, and it came time to decide their own destiny now.David Cameron and Cameron said the Prime Minister Bartani Gaddafi after the death of his Bien for more than 40 years is a good future for Bien said that the Libyans to matter a better opportunity to shape the future of freedom and solid DmqratipSilvio Berlusconi Silvio Berlusconi considered Prime Minister of Italy to his rule of the Libyan people ended after his deathDmitry Medvedev hope Dmitry Medvedev President of Russia in the killing of Gaddafi it will lead to peace and governance Damqrati in Libya [20]
مقتل معمر القذافي .. بالصور
مقتل معمر القذافي .. بالصور
معمر القذافي,صور مقتل معمر القذافي

Praise be to God, who forced the noses of the mighty men, and the appearance of His Might break the arrogant and the tyrants humiliated Bsultana Alokasrh, Vstt respondents, and Bosarham, and ruined homes, and ripped Mzkhm each) in that are signs for each cactus thanks ([Ibrahim: 5]. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner ... King is the praise Yahya limit is over all things, and I bear witness Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, peace be upon him and his family and his family peace and recognition of a lot, he says, God:) O ye who believe! He should be feared, fear God do not die except as Muslims (Al-Imran: 102].

) O people, fear your Lord who created you from one soul and created from her husband and broadcast them many men and women and fear Allah that Tsaelon him and the wombs that God was an observer that you (women: 1].

) O ye who believe, fear Allah and speak always the truth fit for you your deeds and forgive you your sins, and obey Allah and His Messenger, has won a great victory (parties: 70.71.

الحمد لله الذي أرغم أنوف الجبابرة، وقصم بعزته ظهور المتكبرة، وأذل بسلطانة الطغاة الأكاسرة، فشتت شملهم، وبعثرهم، وخرب ديارهم، ومزقهم كل ممزق ﴿إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لآيَاتٍ لِّكُلِّ صَبَّارٍ شَكُورٍ﴾ [إبراهيم:5]. وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده ولا شريك له...له الملك وله الحمد يحيى ويميت وهو على كل شيء قدير، وأشهد محمداً عبده ورسوله صلى الله عليه وسلم وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم تسليماً كثيراً، يقوله الله عز وجل: ﴿يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ اتَّقُواْ اللّهَ حَقَّ تُقَاتِهِ وَلاَ تَمُوتُنَّ إِلاَّ وَأَنتُم مُّسْلِمُونَ﴾ [آل عمران: 102] .

﴿يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ اتَّقُواْ رَبَّكُمُ الَّذِي خَلَقَكُم مِّن نَّفْسٍ وَاحِدَةٍ وَخَلَقَ مِنْهَا زَوْجَهَا وَبَثَّ مِنْهُمَا رِجَالاً كَثِيراً وَنِسَاء وَاتَّقُواْ اللّهَ الَّذِي تَسَاءلُونَ بِهِ وَالأَرْحَامَ إِنَّ اللّهَ كَانَ عَلَيْكُمْ رَقِيباً﴾[النساء:1].

﴿يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ وَقُولُوا قَوْلاً سَدِيداً يُصْلِحْ لَكُمْ أَعْمَالَكُمْ وَيَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ ذُنُوبَكُمْ وَمَن يُطِعْ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ فَقَدْ فَازَ فَوْزاً عَظِيماً﴾ [الأحزاب:70 ،71].

References: University of Faith + and Wikipedia

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