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Explosion killed six South-eastern Turkey

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Of a car bombing in the city of Ankara, September / September last (Reuters)

Killed six people including four policemen and a child in the age of two on Tuesday, an explosion occurred south-east Turkey, the authorities carried the PKK claimed responsibility.

According to the website of the Turkish newspaper Zaman that there are a number of injuries in addition to the six killed in the blast, which occurred in the town of BitlisGoraomak in the territory of the predominantly Kurdish.

Officials said they reckon that the explosion was caused by a land mine exploded at the passing vehicle to the police.

The PKK attacks have increased in recent months, which killed a number of security personnel and civilians, while the Turkish troops launched attacks on several sites of the party as well as raids on its positions in northern Iraq.

And entered the PKK in conflict with the authority Ankara eighties of the last century, since the pursuit of independence, which resulted in the deaths of more than 42 thousand people so far, according to data from the Turkish army.

In the view of Turkey and the United States and the European Union, the PKK a terrorist organization.

Source: Agencies

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