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Landing and Iran's gasoline imports 95%

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Iran has reduced its imports of gasoline of 204 thousand barrels per day to ten thousand (French - Archive)
Official data showed decline in Iran's imports of gasoline by 95% during the past four years, where he helped to increase refining capacity and reduce fuel subsidies to ease the impact of U.S. sanctions and European intended to deprive Tehran of fuel for its adherence to its nuclear program.
In previous years, resulting in insufficient refining capacity in Iran and increasing domestic demand for the adoption of Iran heavily on gasoline imports to the year 2007, an issue exploited by the United States and its European allies to ban the supply of fuel in the context of sanctions on Tehran.
However, the situation has changed today, with data showing that the official Iranian gasoline imports fell from 204 thousand barrels per day in June 2007 to ten thousand barrels per day in June 2011, the lowest level in at least ten years.
And decreased imports of Iranian gasoline in the seasonal peak of about 70% in January 2011 of 244 thousand barrels per day in January 2007.
With the rationalization of fuel consumption and raise the prices of gasoline to four-fold and enhance the country's ability to refine oil, the proportion of imports in total supply of gasoline Iran of about 40% a few years ago to less than 5%, which reduces the usefulness of international economic sanctions on Iran and led by America and Europe .

Source: Reuters

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