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"Qassam" Israel warns of repudiation

Abu Obeida: It is not in favor of Israel's repudiation of the second phase of the prisonerdeal
Al Jazeera )

Warned Izz al-Din al-Qassam armed wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas),Israel's repudiation of the second phase of the prisoner exchange deal.

The Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida said in a statement posted on the group-mailWednesday, "It is not in favor of the occupation of the repudiation of the second phase ofthe prisoners deal as agreed," which include the release of 550 prisoners.

He stressed the need for Israel's commitment to standards that relate to prisoners who will be released within two months, including as they do not criminal, and should not be those who are nearing their sentences to an end, and that priority be given to the elderly and those conditions, and include prisoners who have spent 20 years in prison and more.

He pointed out that Abu Obeida Egypt, which sponsors the agreement promised to ensure the implementation of the second phase of the deal, according to the criteria stipulated inthe agreement.

The Abu Obeida had made a statement on the deal on the eighteenth of this month, said: "We will not rest until evacuate Israeli prisons of our prisoners."

Meanwhile, the official said Hamas prisoners in the file for Aruri that the nine prisoners who were not freed within the first phase will be released within days, noting that the Egyptian side informed the group Wednesday news release of nine prisoners.

MobilizationThe editors of prisoners in the exchange deal had demanded yesterday the recruitment of Palestinian resistance to work to free thousands of prisoners remaining in prison not covered by the deal.

Revealed a number of editors, in interviews with Alice after their release in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank, for their refusal to sign any document prohibiting them "return to terrorism" and the resistance as requested by the Israeli side in the final moments of the deal.

The prisoner said the editor of the Salem Suleiman Khalil of the island that tried to force the Israeli occupation of prisoners released on the signing of all agreements, leading to the re-arrest and punishment of the same issues that had previously been arrested if they returned to the resistance.

Referred to Israel on Tuesday released 477 Palestinian prisoners against Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in the first phase, to be the release of 550 Palestinian prisoners in two months in the second stage.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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