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Is the death of Gaddafi's message to the rulers?

Gaddafi was killed yesterday after he disappeared from sight for about a month (Al-Jazeera)

Considered by some Arab citizens killed Colonel Libyan ousted Muammar Gaddafi, a clear message to the Arab rulers who are not allowed in the suppression of their people, or who are challenging the popular demands for political reforms and desperate to stay in power against the will of their people, while others questioned it.

The Arab channels broadcast body of Gaddafi, who was killed yesterday in the city of Sirte after he disappeared from sight a month ago, when the rebels entered the capital Tripoli in the last third of August / August.

MessageMohammad Beltagy, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, what happened to Gaddafi is the fate of the leader destroyed the lives of his people for decades, and opened fire on them for months because of that thousands fell.

He added that this determination should be a lesson to Presidents Bashar al-Assad and Ali Abdullah Saleh, who used force against their people for months.

As an expression of discontent about Gaddafi committed against his people from killing and destruction, said Nancy butcher produced in the Egyptian television that "hell waiting for Gaddafi, because what he did to his people was terrible."

The Egyptian Alia Asaglana (27 years) - which operates marketing manager - Faragan be the fate of Gaddafi, a source of concern to the Arab rulers who Palmstbidin described as "fit and Assad," and other Arab rulers paid attention to their people, by her own.

In Jordan, the former envoy called on the United Nations to Libya and a former Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdul Ilah Khatib, what he described as a close analogy to regulations Libyan regime in the region to "listen" to the voices of their people, pointing to the right of peoples to self-determination.

In Syria, where protests against the system months ago, activists said that people came out waving banners praising the killing of "rat Libya," says the lion is the following.

However, some Arabs doubted that Gaddafi holds the fate of any impact on other judgesin other areas such as Yemen, where the decline in favor of three times the signature on the initiative of Gulf states to extradite him to power.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, the former hoped to be killed Gaddafi "a lesson to the leaders who made the means of oppression and domination of their people."

He said that any Arab citizen followed what happened in Libya has only to think of "MPR"taking place in Syria.

He ruled the Yemeni Imran Ahmed resident in Cairo to happen for the benefit of what happened to the Gaddafi because of the many divisions in Yemen.

According to Emad Gad of the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies that killedGaddafi could encourage the international community to be more "positive" in the future.

He suggested that this event is to further international pressure to resolve the crisis in Syria and Yemen, pointing out that the killing Gaddafi means that the resistance to reformlead to an escalation of the demands of reform to bring down the regime.

According to Ahmed Mansour, a construction worker in Cairo, killing Gaddafi as "the fate of all the unjust," and added that the message is "that the rule of the people not by force."

Source: Reuters

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