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Million Americans have attempted suicide in 2008

A report issued by U.S. health authorities that more than one million U.S. adults had attempted suicide in 2008 without having succeeded in their goals, while the thought of more than 1.2 million Americans last proceeding to this step. Federal figures show the recent suicides in the United States 35 thousand Americans in the same year.
The study of the centers, the Federal Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based on answers to a questionnaire, to seriously consider suicide and suicide attempts was much more in the ranks of young adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-ninth of it in the ranks of those over the age of thirty.
The number of women who Vkrn suicide or attempted suicide is also much higher according to a bunting that compared for the first time between the states and various U.S. regions.
The doctor said Alex Crosby - one of the authors of the study - that women are more suicidal thinking or trying to commit suicide than men, but men succeed in their attempt at rates higher.
On the geographical record states the American West, particularly the Rocky Mountain region's largest percentage of suicides on the report.
The study authors pointed out that Americans living in the Midwest and the West fantasies suicidal thoughts than those residing on the east coast or the south. But the study did not give explanations for this disparity between regions.
In the state of Utah (West) inhabited by the majority of Mormons, recorded the largest percentage of people over the age of eighteen who are thinking of suicide (6.8% or one out of every 15 people). The state of Georgia was the region during the same period the U.S. recorded the lowest number of people who Ruathm the idea of ​​suicide, with the rate of 2.1% only (any one of 50) of the adults.
At the level of suicide attempts, the ratio ranged between one thousand to 0.1% in Delaware (Eastern) and Georgia (South), and one in 67 adults (1.5%) in Rhode Island (north east).

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