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Killed 26 Turkish soldiers attacked a Kurdish

Turkish troops might launch a large-scale operation soon in northern Iraq (European - Archive)
Turkish special forces crossed into Iraqi territory on Wednesday to hunt down PKK militants far killed 26 Turkish soldiers in the province of Hakkari in the southeast simultaneous attacks on military sites may lead Ankara to launch a broad ground operation in northern Iraq.
And Al-Jazeera correspondent Omar Khashram The Turkish commando units penetrated into Iraqi territory in a region originally heated, indicating that this incursion is the quality. It also coincided with the Turkish air raids.
For its part, Reuters news agency quoted military sources that the Turkish units penetrated a distance of up to four kilometers, and they clashed with elements of the Labour Party just hours after the attacks that targeted the Party of military sites, and also left 18 wounded in the ranks of the soldiers the Turks.
The Al Jazeera reporter that such incursions agreed upon between the governments of Turkey and Iraq, and pointed out that the Turkish people may now pay towards a broad ground operation in northern Iraq after the killing of so many soldiers the Turks near the border with Iraq.
He spoke Jazeera's correspondent in Ankara for signs of the possibility of such an operation soon, noting in this context to the visit to Turkey, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who expressed his country's readiness to control the border with Turkey after that there were frequent across the PKK attacks on military sites Turkish in recent times.
In further reference to the possibility of a major Turkish military operation in northern Iraq, abolished the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit was scheduled to be carried out by the Kazakh.
The Foreign Minister Ahmed Dawood Augloa canceled a planned visit to Serbia.
The Ankara has recently raised the possibility of launching a ground operation in northern Iraq after previous attacks of the Labour Party responded by Turkish troops in August / August intensive air strikes on insurgent positions of the Kurds in the border triangle between Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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