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Rare books library Islamic Israel

In the library Mus writing dates back to the pre-1200 years, written in Kufic script, decorated with carvings and Islamic inlaid with pure gold, and there are also personal Koran to the Sultan Selim I printed in Persia 600 years ago, and it concluded by the Sultan himself.

The library is also a rare book combines three letters of the mark "Ibn Taymiyyah" line one of his disciples, in addition to the value of books in Turkish and Persian.

There are within these anecdotes about alpha and 184 and a Koran and a book manuscript, collected in the history of a Jewish scholar named Abraham Halobrehma Islam after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

And stresses the responsible library called Rakhil Bochelis that this Koran belonged to the ninth century AD, describing her treasures, which reached Cairo after the collapse of the Islamic State, pointing out that Abraham bought some of them.

However, the head of Al-Aqsa Mosque manuscripts Bakirat successful, is likely to be the Koran, and references have been stolen from the Iraqi Museum, Baghdad Central, after falling in the hands of the U.S. occupation in 2003.

And confirms the specialists of the National Library contain a hundred thousand Israeli writers and two thousand manuscript, relating to Bensoh and history of Islam.

Source: Al-Jazeera

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