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The increasing seriousness of climate change

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Climate change caused devastating floods across the world (Reuters)

Experts have warned that climate change is a "direct and substantial danger to the healthand safety of the world's population" because of drought and floods destroyed homes andlead to a lack of food.

He said scientists and health professionals - in a statement released in London - that risingtemperatures and climate disturbances will lead to increased climatic phenomena and the rise of infectious diseases and the destruction of housing, as well as the scarcity of waterand food, and may cause conflicts and mass migration movements.

The President of the International Organization of the British Medical assistance (Merlin), Michael Jay, in light of economic crisis "should not adjust for tough measures."

For his part, said Hugh Montgomery, director of the Institute of Human Health at UniversityCollege London "is not enough to look to the leaders of climate change as a theoretical concept only. Vanaghih will lead to the loss of lives and tragedies, and it will affecteveryone." He called on leaders to "play their part."

And asked experts from the EU to focus more on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, considering that the Union should set itself a target to reduce these emissions by 30% by 2020 instead of 20%, compared to emissions of 1990.

The experts said the move contributes to tackling climate change and health protection as well, noting that a solution on a moratorium on the use of power plants operating on coal to improve air quality.

Source: French

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