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Change the rules of the throne in Britain

Queen Elizabeth received speech at the Commonwealth summit in Perth (European)
Agreed Sixteen members of the Commonwealth on Friday in principle to cancel the old rules had prevented the female or married to Catholics ascend the throne of Britain.
He said British Prime Minister David Cameron at the opening of a summit in Perth, Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government (53 countries) in the presence of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, there was no longer the meaning of those rules that were governing the throne of Britain.
Cameron added, "we decided to abandon the rule that prevents a married or married to a Catholic or a Catholic from the throne," pointing to a law that dates back to 1701. But will have to ascend the British throne to be a Protestant because he is head of the Anglican Church.
He said British Prime Minister, "but it is unfair to not be able to the king or the queen or the crown prince from marrying a Catholic or a Catholic, because he can or can already marry another religion."
It is noteworthy that the current Queen of England - which is the head of state in ten members of the six countries that have agreed to change the old rules - assumed the throne in 1953 because it was not her brother.
It has become the issue of reforming the rules governing the ownership of Britain's less marriage with Prince William (son of Princes Charles and Diana) in April / April.
And Prince William - who won and his wife Kate Medelton the title of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from the Queen - is the second in order to ascend the throne after his father Prince Charles, who is now the Crown Prince.
Is due to form an international group to oversee the reforms that have been agreed in principle at the top of Perth, to enter into force simultaneously in the six ten, including Australia, Canada, Jmaecha and New Zealand as well as countries in the Pacific and of course the United Kingdom.
Britain was conservative in the review of these rules for fear of promoting anti-monarchy movements, especially as opinion polls show a surge of the tendencies of the Republic in the countries members of the Commonwealth, including Canada and Australia.
In a speech at the summit, said Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard that the Commonwealth must be renewed itself changing times.
For his part, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma said the summit will examine the proposals include the formation of independent commission to monitor human rights situation in the Member States.

Source: Agencies

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