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Rapturous reception for the Dean of the female prisoners of Palestine

Ahlam Tamimi, between her father and her brother and the son of Abdul Salam Haniyeh 

Mohammad-Najjar - Oman

Received hundreds of Jordanians early Wednesday, dean of Palestinian prisonersTamimi dreams that gained their freedom in the exchange deal between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel, which will be released for 1027 prisoners.

Dreams and spent 10 years in the prisons of the occupation that was sentenced to 16 life sentences in prison on charges connected to port the martyrdom of al-Qassam Brigadesin 2001 that killed 16 Israelis.

The Dreams (31 years), who was arrested during her undergraduate studies with the highest rule of a woman in the history of Israel.

The packed hall of Queen Alia International Airport and hundreds turned into a yard markfor two hours, and shouted for Palestine, Hamas and the resistance and the Jordaniansoldier Ahmed Adakkamsh sentenced to life imprisonment for killing seven Israelis in 1997.

It was at the forefront of recipients Dean Jordanian prisoners in Israeli jails Sultan Ajlouniand leaders of the National Committee of the prisoners in the prisons of the occupation,and the wife of the prisoner Ibrahim Hamid, former commander of the military wing of Hamas in the West Bank and the expected winning at the highest power in Israel's historywhere it can exceed the power by 80 for life.

Loud and joy if entry to the lounge-Tamimi, and with great difficulty managed to kiss her father, her mother and her family members who carried it over the shoulders, and pouredthem flowers and candy on each side.

Ahlam Tamimi, and thanked in a brief speech of resistance, and said "No resistance is nota liberation of the prisoners, there is no invocation to a liberation of the maximum does notreturn to the land of Palestine. Palestine and the secretariat of the prisoners in your necks."

She said "Thank God that the chosen soldiers to him on this earth who are soldiers of the Qassam Brigades and the Popular Resistance and completed the exchange deal on agood, all the Palestinian people proud and proud Brigades martyr Izz al-Qassam Brigadesand the Popular Resistance and the National Committees in the Gaza Hashem, who aresoldiers Rahman on this earth."

She said "I spent with the family of God and who helped me and otherwise I would not bewith you now."

Ahlam Tamimi, a letter from the movement of prisoners

Message prisoners
Speaking of the island, quoted a letter from the dreams of Tamimi Palestinian prisoners in solitary confinement.

The "Letter brother Hassan Salameh isolated since 1996 until today and all the brothers inisolation Ibrahim Hamed and Abdullah Barghouti, Abu Hija and all of them in isolation are the most suffering among the prisoners. And isolation cells known that from the forbiddenvisits once and messages confined between them and their spouses and all person who isa room, not allowed to mix with other. "

She "These are our leaders summits and their message is not to forget them and work to release them both peaceful negotiations or armed resistance."

It considered that these prisoners more deserving of their release, said, "Ibrahim Hamid, who I wish I could be where I am now, brother, Hassan Salameh, are deserving of me tothis place."

Is that the wife of Ibrahim Hamed existing insulation Six years ago, expressed her delight at the reception of dreams Tamimi today despite her grief because the deal did not include her husband and other prisoners.

She said the island, "I thank God who has completed the transaction on the best one in which we achieved a great victory, hurt and saddened by the lack of Ibrahim Hamed in the deal, but my heart holds an overwhelming joy of the departure of the prisoners, especiallyTamimi dreams."

Mixed feelings
Mixed feelings of joy and sadness for the girl Salma Ibrahim Hamid, who said the island, "IFarhana often dreams of the exit and, God willing soon to see my father, he and all the prisoners."

She said the child, "returned the prisoner deal I hope the exit door of the family, even though I was sad at first because it will not cover it."

The scene of tears present at the reception, especially from the families of Jordanianprisoners in Israeli jails and the 28 prisoners and 29 missing, they celebrated with dreams of emancipation from the family.

The decision of the National Committee of the prisoners in Israeli jails soft Malas of the island that deal today re-emphasized the enormous government failure in a brave our prisoners in the prisons of the enemy.

Abdel-Salam and adorned Haniyeh on behalf of his father, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, Ahlam Tamimi, a senior medal.

Abdel-Salam said, "This day of God, and that the days of Palestine is liberated prisoners of this transaction quality that has swap with the first families of the soldiers on the land ofPalestine."

He pointed out that the joy of the day has yet to Palestine gave thousands of martyrs andafter the devastating war in Gaza and the West "and we have our homes and our childrenfor your freedom and everything underestimates for the freedom of prisoners and for thereturning champion, such as dreams Tamimi to her family and her home."

Source: Al Jazeera

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