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Washington is concerned about the prisoners of "dangerous"

By the editors of the reception of prisoners in Ramallah Al-Jazeera
The United States of Israel today announced its "concern" to include a prisoner exchange deal, which completed its first phase Tuesday between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian prisoners dangerous.

Asked whether the U.S. administration informed the Israeli government its concerns about the seriousness of some of the prisoners exchange deal that included, or opposing their release, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Toner, "We have done both."

"I do not want to dive a lot to talk about the reasons for our concern .. I said that we expressed our concern in relation to both matters."

But Turner pointed out that he was not aware of Palestinian prisoners who had not been released because of U.S. concern, and that the decision to release them was "a sovereign decision by the Israeli government."

Said Jay Carney, spokesman for President Barack Obama "We are delighted to return Gilad Shalit to his family, with regard to the peace process in general is important for us to facilitate the return of all party negotiations, rather than make it more difficult."
Carney stressed that "Each Party shall take measures to return to the negotiating table."

In earlier welcomed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the release of Gilad Shalit, calling it "an end to the plight of the long time."

Clinton said - during a visit to Tripoli - "We are delighted to end the plight of Gilad Shalit long," which was released after five years of detention in the Gaza Strip, adding that his detention "lasted a very long time."
Hamas has released Shalit in exchange for the release of 1027 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, 477 of them were released Tuesday as a first stage, while the release will be of 550 others during two months.

Source: French

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