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Samsung and Google launch new phone

Within the framework of their partnership to face the Mnavs√©mt, revealed SamsungElectronics and Google unveiled the launch of a new smart phone category Nexus Galaxyis the first of its kind and works on the latest version of the operating system GoogleAndroid.

The Nexus Galaxy is the device chosen by Samsung and Google in the framework of their partnership to respond to the latest version of Apple's smart phones, iPhone as -4 (iPhone S-4).

At the unveiling on Wednesday for the Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong, Sitbahi CEO AndyRubin, Google's special features for this device, such as Android Pim office unlock(Android Beam). (Face Unlock)

The feature allows "Android Pim" the movement of data between two phones NexusGalaxy once the smart one by side the other, while using the feature "Vis unlock" on the face recognition technology to activate the device, instead of using traditional passwords.

Nexus is noteworthy that the Galaxy will be put on the market in November next.

Source: Associated Press

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