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Israeli resentment of the Egyptian television

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Delivery of the first images of Corporal Gilad Shalit, citing the Egyptian Television Al-Jazeera
Israeli officials have strongly criticized the interview conducted by the Egyptian television today with the soldier Gilad Shalit, who launched the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) for more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners.
The swap arrangements required to enter Egyptian territory Shalit from the Gaza Strip before heading them toward Israel.
The Israeli official declined to be named "We are all shocked because it was forced to this interview before he could even talk to his family or to enter Israel."
A number of Israeli officials that the purpose of the interview was "propaganda" and that Shalit to Egypt seems to have been forced on them. Some said that Shalit was breathing with difficulty and appeared pale and answered questions reluctantly and seemed sometimes not even able to answer, and wondered how some people are forced to give access to his family even before the interview.
The newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth on its website for Israeli military sources say that the interview "contrary to the agreements" between the two sides, without clarifying whether the deal had included something about it.
The news agency Associated Press Egyptian security official - unnamed - that the Minister of Information request from the Egyptian intelligence chief an exclusive interview with Shalit.
The Shalit during an interview in the hope that the deal to help achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and said that he will be happy to release all Palestinian prisoners after he passed the experience of families.
He added that he remained always believed that the day would come, and freedom from captivity and that he knew about the deal only a week before, saying that the Egyptians "have succeeded through good relations with both Hamas and Israel in the completion of the transaction."
On the tape, which aired a couple of years ago, he said, "Show bar television did not mean much to me if it means a lot to others."
At Kerem Shalom, speaking Shalit to his family via telephone and underwent medical tests and instead wore his clothes with uniform olive color that holds his new rank first sergeant and awarded him the first day of release.
After that, take the Shalit helicopter took him to an air base southeast of Tel Aviv to meet his family. He was welcomed upon his arrival there, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told him: "Welcome to Gilead .. hello you again in the State of Israel .. Nice to see you at home."
Source: Agencies

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