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Yemeni President Yemen is the founder of modern

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Yemeni President
Yemen is the founder of modern
There are countries in the reform of Yemen.

1 – the president’s brother was the commander of the Air Force. 
2 – son of the president the commander of special forces and Republican Guard. 
3 – nephew of the president the commander of Central Security. 
4 – adopted the President in his support and buy the loyalty of tribal leaders and officers of the powerful. 
5 – adopted the President in his rule and sectarian strife, wars and feuds between the tribes on the rule of divide and rule. 
6 – adopted the President in his ruling on slavery and Chath by fabricating a crisis in Yemen, and if at the expense of the people in order to receive donations and aid. 
7 – Yemeni President, Supreme Commander of the Army and head of government and the ruling Congress party and the judiciary are all corrupt and not independent and loyal to President 
So that the president ordered his own to bring the offender from prison for because of this criminal belonging to the tribe Hikhha strong and with a favorable reception at the President but that Mohammed Mansour Sheikh village Aldjaashen driving people from their homes and their farms for refusing to give him the tribute monthly and went those expelled to Sana’a and to the President and did not do something for them that Sheikh strong and close to the President. 
But that every man in Yemen, its troops and soldiers and prisons as well as the participation of businessmen and traders in their livelihoods and their projects by force and only threatened their interests and Tjarathm and this also applies to senior officers 
8 – Yemeni President like Saad Hariri went to the outside 
The founder of the modern Yemeni 
Are there countries in reforming Yemen 
And the principle of peaceful transfer of power 
His 33 years in power his early life 
Born Ali Abdullah Saleh in March 21, 1942 in the village of Red House, the Sanhan, Sanaa, for a poor family, and suffered hardship after his parents divorced at an early age. The work of a shepherd, and attained when one of the sheikhs in the region, and received his early education in the (school) of the village, and then escaped in 1958 to join the army at the age of sixteen. He says that “he was a soldier since his youth, as well as his brothers were soldiers. Army was an escape from poverty and ill-treatment.” He joined the School of row officers of the armed forces in 1960 and participated in the events of the revolution Sept. 26. 

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