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Reaction Asma al-Assad to crack down on her husband

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Asma al-Assad introduced non-governmental organizations to Syria (Getty)
The Independent newspaper quoted one of the members of the British relief organizations who met with the names of the wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he asked her directly in her view the bloody repression practiced by the regime against the people of her husband, and that its response to injury and his colleagues are disappointed.

Said the spokesman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, "Okhbernaha for the killing of protesters and attacking security forces to them, and Okhbernaha for the cases of the wounded from the car and prevent patients from reaching hospitals (..) there was no reaction. Not any reaction at all. It was as if I tell her the story of an ordinary occur every day. "

The paper says the Syrians working with relief organizations had met to discuss the names of the security situation in the country, but they were hoping the response is greater than that received by far. The meeting came after them to contact the Office of the First Lady and invited them to meet with them to hear them for the difficulties they face in their work.

He ruled out aid worker who spoke to the newspaper that Assad's wife is not aware of what is happening, and said it was impossible not to learn and fill the world news. The following reports from Syria speak for more than three thousand people have been killed fire Assad regime during the uprising against his rule, which began seven months ago.

The Director of the Council of Arab-British Understanding, Chris Doyle says this regard, "it is impossible that the system allows it (s) make any opposition, or even leave the country. Impossible."

The Asma al-Assad was born and raised in Britain and graduated with honors at the University of British King in the computer field, and contributed after her marriage to Al-Assad in Syria and stability in making some important changes such as the introduction of non-governmental organizations.

He says one of the journalists who write the biography of Assad's family and who also asked for anonymity, said that the choice of Bashar's names to be his wife had met at first with strong opposition from his mother and his sister, because the names of the Sunni Muslim and the Assad family belongs to the Alawite sect.

The names of the lion is one of the famous personalities in the Arab women in the West and interested in the Western media telling her where the famous Vogue nicknamed the "desert flower", while Paris-Match magazine described as "light in a country dominated by gray clouds."

Source: Independent

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