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Brod official at the "occupied the Los Angeles"

Occupied the Los Angeles "calls to punish banks that committed violations of (European)

After that they offered in support of the remarkable movement and allowed the protestersmilitarism at night in parks and public gardens, although forbidden by law for that, officials began the city of Los Angeles recently in the reservation to one of the most importantdemands of the "occupied the Los Angeles", which is the elimination of irregularitiescommitted by the banks.

The Los Angeles Times said that lawmakers had asked last week to study the plan to punish banks that committed financial irregularities, but the chief administrative officer of the city of Miguel Santana issued a warning yesterday that banks punish the violation could cost the city $ 58 million.

Santana said that ending the lending agreements with senior lenders may have large feesand high interest rates, which would cause confusion for a number of important cityprojects, such as building a football field and change the sewer lines.

But Councilman Richard Alarcon did not agree to what he put Santana and commented on this by saying that Santana favored banks, which goes in and what is happening in the country since last weeks in the valley.

The Alarcon introduced two years ago, a proposal he called "responsible banking", which is today one of the demands of the "occupied the Los Angeles" key.

The city of Los Angeles sued in 2008 during the international financial crisis, several banks on charges of corruption and squandering of tens of millions of dollars from the funds of the city.

The newspaper said that a warning Santana encountering despite everything heard in the City Council, and the movement of a member of the Council Brainard Parks - which represents the bulk of South Los Angeles - saying that he will sacrifice money scarce, who is to achieve a moral victory, and commented, "I do not think we want any form of way that we stand on this podium and I say to people to Qena Bank of America a lesson and two million dollars Klvnah not we use it. "

The newspaper also quoted down members of the City Council for their support for the plan to "banking administrator", and provided Council member Paul Koretz example when he said that the nation is "going to hell. If it cost us to rectify the situation 20 or 30 or $ 40 million, this could mean that we Second, make the mistake. "

The movement of "occupied the Los Angeles" has widened in recent weeks, organizers say that 700 people spend the night in a sit-in, and double that number during the day.

The number of demonstrators had entered the building to the City Council last week and expressed their support for the plan Alarcon, and expressed dissatisfaction with the provision of huge amounts of money to save bankrupt banks, while many families losing their homes.

The demonstrators are demanding the classification of banks based on their contributions to social, but Santana says that it is unrealistic, especially in circumstances such as within the city of Los Angeles suffering from economic hardship.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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