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UN refused to pardon the Yemeni president

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Saleh forces accused of atrocities against the peaceful demonstrators (European)
Confirmed the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights refused to include any agreement for the transfer of power in Yemen pardoned by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who accuse his forces of killing peaceful demonstrators and other crimes, a position also expressed by Amnesty International.

The proposed plan provides for the transfer of power was brokered by the Cooperation Council for Arab Gulf states in favor of immunity, and those acting under his command, in return for giving up power.

A spokesman for the United Nations Office for Human Rights Rupert Colville told a news briefing in Geneva that "international law is very clear in this matter, he is prohibited from the amnesty, which prevents the prosecution of individuals for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity or gross violations of human rights."

He said in answer to a question by a journalist "This is the general position on the amnesty, which applied in this case as in any other case."

According to Colville, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay condemned the killing of peaceful protesters in Sana'a and Taiz by Yemeni security forces' indiscriminate use of force. "

As Amnesty International said that the benefit should not enjoy immunity from prosecution, and must provide those responsible for extrajudicial executions, torture and enforced disappearances to justice as part of any agreement for the transfer of power.

In the meantime, dozens of Yemenis in front of the headquarters of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York to ask the UN Security Council to expedite the issuance of a resolution requires the president to step down in favor.

The demonstrators, led by student activist Yemen assigned Kerman winning the Nobel Peace Prize, to commit forces in favor of his supporters and to stop what they described the killings and violations perpetrated against peaceful demonstrators.
The protesters chanted slogans and waved signs in support of the demands of the Yemeni revolution and demanded the prosecution of those responsible for human rights violations.
It is expected that the issue of the Security Council of the United Nations adopted a resolution this week "strongly condemns" government abuses of human rights, and urges for the "signature and immediate implementation of" Plan for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), according to a copy obtained by Reuters.

Source: Al Jazeera + Reuters

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