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Floods threaten North Bangkok

Flood waters inundated some of the main streets north of Bangkok (French)
Thai authorities have warned a number of neighborhoods north of the capital Bangkok, the likelihood of flooding and access to their areas and urged residents to prepare for the worst, including the evacuation of homes with more indicators rising flood waters.
Has confirmed the official sources and media in Thailand on Monday that the level of flood waters reached up concern within a kilometer from the Temple of the "Grand Palace" in the famous city of Bangkok old since Sunday after a high level of the Chao Phraya River - which runs the heart of the capital, densely populated - to the part top of the barriers.
The Prime Minister has expressed Aangluck Hinaoatr Sunday, told media concern about the widespread flooding in regions XI and Don Muang north of Bangkok, warning that the level of flooding could rise in some areas to about one meter.
She added that it is not possible to predict how long the water will stay in Bangkok, but stressed that the competent authorities will work to keep the fast transport routes open, and to protect drinking water systems, sewage and power plants and sensitive facilities.

The risk of crocodilesIn the north of Bangkok, Nonthaburi Province, authorities have warned residents to travel at night after finding a 2.5-meter-long crocodile in the area Sunday, and is poised deputy in the parliament and the presence of crocodiles after another flooded my farm crocodiles crocodile Thoian 20.

It also flooded the University, "Thammasat" in the northern suburbs of Bangkok, and rose about 70 centimeters, has reached a height in the inner part of the campus - which uses the shelter - to about 20 centimeters, which hampered rescue efforts and provide assistance to the center, which needs more food and drinking water for more than 3,500 people were evacuated by the addition of 600 employees working in it.

It is noteworthy that the measures taken by the authorities to divert flood waters to the Gulf of Thailand succeeded in averting an imminent threat to Bangkok, but the likelihood of heavy rainfall in the channels already in place is full of large areas of the north of the capital of eight million people under threat again.
The increasing health problems and was taken by the Minister of Health of Thailand and Atia Bourinasiri on Saturday saying that he had been reported 720 thousand medical condition associated with flooding flooding to parts of the country, were treated about one hundred thousand people were nervous.
Damage and lossesAnd damaged more than two and a half a million people by the floods could increase this number significantly became apparent extent of the damage in the north of Bangkok, noting that more than 40 of the 78 provinces in Thailand have been severely damaged, including seven industrial areas was staffed by about 400 thousand workers flooded that stretched to nearly a third of the country.
The floods killed 356 people, the displacement of 113 thousand people at least were transferred to more than 1700 Center for temporary shelter, while The Ministry of Labour to be about 650 thousand workers in the industry are no resource because of the damage to the industrial zones in flooded areas .
The Thai Central Bank estimated the economic value of damages nearly two billion dollars, ie 0.6% of gross domestic product and in a report submitted to the government at a previous meeting held to assess the repercussions of the disaster that is the worst in the history of Thailand since fifty years.

 Citizens have what they could from their personal belongings after leaving their homes in northern Bangkok (French)

Source: Agencies

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