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The rule of drunk three players sent off

Czech police intervened in a match to check out the local wine to match the rule, which collapsed several times the excess of alcohol, and the expulsion of three players without any good reason.

The Karel Dusík, an official at the club Asturabi Lotta for a local newspaper, that the sentence (drunk) did not hide his participation in a gala birthday people before his match,and that he was smelling of beer (wine).

During the match, stained shirt rule Theuamas Vedra mud after falling several times on the ground, and the expulsion of three players from the team in its match against AsturabiTinetth nad Labem.

Despite the expulsion Asturabi decided to continue the game with eight players, but onlyjust attack without defense, and Dusik said that if his team refused to continue to presentto the death, surprisingly, there is no law prevents the government from the leadership ofthe game is screwed.

However, the competent local authority decided to cancel the football match which ended1-1 at the basis of the outcome of sporting spirit.

And faces, which were very high percentage of alcohol in his body when reviewed by the police, the death of up to prevent him from arbitration in the games for a year.

Source: French

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