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Australia prohibits the Galaxy Computers

Australian court has imposed a temporary ban on the sale of the latest tablet PC toSamsung Electronics, the South Korean donors in Australia so its rival Apple legal victoryin the global conflict between the two companies on patents.

The verdict comes after Apple raised the U.S. case against rival South Korea claiming to contain "Galaxy 10.1" which is produced by Samsung technologies owned by Apple did not authorize use.

It may take months to adjudicate the case and destroy the chances of a "Galaxy" new in the Australian market, which is a stronger competitor to any "Bad" produced by Apple's dominant computer sales worldwide.

And locked the two companies Ammeltan in technology fierce battle in ten countries onpatents for mobile phones and smart Tablet PC since April / April, while the focus of the conflict in Australia's IT-touch screen, used in Tablet PC the new "Galaxy" to Samsung.

In contrast, Samsung says that Apple violated the rights of their own intellectual propertyfor wireless communication technology used in smart phone (iPhone), which is producedby Apple.

The prohibition applies to sales of the Samsung Galaxy in Australia until the Court shall decide the same in the case of the patent.

The verdict comes after the success of the Australian legal endeavor for Apple to preventSamsung from the sale of organs for the Tablet PC in Germany and some models ofmobile smart devices in the Netherlands, also comes before the hearings are important in the United States and South Korea.

Samsung and left open the option to appeal the ruling and indicated that it would press ahead with her ​​complaint against Apple on patented technology Samsung wireless.

Source: Agencies

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