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China warns companies in Yemen

Yemen's oil investment has become very serious and cost due to the current situation (French - Archive)

China urged the oil companies to take precautions to protect their property and safety of its employees in Yemen, in the light of the growing risk to this country. He said Chinese oil trader in London, "after Syria, now giving us warnings about Yemen."

Operates two companies, Sinopec and Sinochem Chinatan Committees of the state in the oil sector in Yemen, and together produce about 20 thousand barrels of oil per day, equivalent to 8% of total production in Yemen. Both companies are facing difficulties in the shipment of their share of oil production outside the country.

According to the Chinese oil official Sinochem, which owns 17% of the franchise area of ​​land has the largest oil fields in Yemen, in turn, had received warnings from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. The official added that the task of government warnings, but the company did not decide to evacuate their staff so far, and the Chinese company is not responsible for the operation of the concession, but the oil company Total of France.

Previous evacuations
The previously postponed Sinopec - the second-largest energy company in China government - its workers from Yemen in March / March, in the oil fields because of previous acts of violence, but it Erdjathm in August / August.

The company postponed the PGP is a subsidiary of Chinese oil Syanpisa a crew of workers in Yemen consists of 30 members in March / March, too. The company offers the first service expectations of geological and seismic surveys used in oil exploration.

It is not expected to be affected China's oil supplies due to lack of production and import in Yemen, because Beijing does not import only a quarter of a million tons of crude oil, ie 1% of the total, China's imports of crude oil.

Previously, a source in the shipping sector, said yesterday that oil supplies passing through the main pipeline in Yemen and extends to the port of Ras Isa in the Red Sea, had stopped completely after three explosions targeted the pipeline in the past two weeks.

Source: Reuters

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