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Gaddafi .. The final moment

Still the exact circumstances surrounding the murder of Colonel Libyan ousted Muammar Gaddafi ambiguous, since being traded conflicting accounts of his death, but the film what may be the last hours of life may provide some indication of what happened, where he appeared Gaddafi bloodied and reeling, and the fighters are angry they pay before his death, when he announced in the Executive Office of the President in the Transitional National Assembly Libyan based on forensic evidence that Gaddafi died of a gunshot wound to the head.
And show video footage a bystander in a crowd and aired later on television screens around the world, that Gaddafi was still alive when he was arrested near Sirte, and show images, a reeling wounded and waving his hand while dragging from a truck by a crowd of militants angry, who were directing the strikes and Ajzbonh of his hair.
Then came Gaddafi in the video, a fall to the ground and surrounded by the crowd, heard on the tape shouting some demanding that he remain alive, and then heard gunshots and away the camera, to show the shooting last body of Gaddafi - it seems - are placed in an ambulance in Sirte.
Reuters quoted a senior source in the Transitional National Assembly that Gaddafi was arrested alive, then beat him and killed him during the move, pointing out that the Colonel may have been irresistible.
And told another official of the Transitional Council - asked not to be named - told Reuters in another report of the death of Gaddafi, saying, "They (the Transitional Council fighters) beat him severely and then shot him, this is a war."
The novel Transitional Council indicate that Gaddafi was killed when a gunfight broke out after his arrest between his supporters and fighters of the Council - which is clearly incompatible with the events portrayed by the video - where he died Gaddafi because of a bullet caused a wound in the head, but the Council denied the issuance of orders to killGaddafi.
The President of the Executive Office of the Libyan Transitional Council Mahmoud Jibril - based on forensic evidence - that Colonel Gaddafi, died of a gunshot wound to the head during an exchange of fire between the rebels and supporters after his arrest.
Said Gabriel - In a press conference in Tripoli on Thursday evening, which is read from the statement - that Gaddafi was taken from a tube of Sanitation did not show any resistance, and when he began to move a bullet in his right arm, and when put in the truck were not by any other injuries.
He added that when the car was moving and took place in the exchange of fire between the rebels and Qaddafi's troops, wounded by a bullet through the head, and pointed out that the medical examiner could not determine whether the bullet came from or rebel forces of Gaddafi.
He pointed out that Gaddafi was still alive when taken from Sirte to Misurata, but he died a few minutes before his arrival to the hospital.

Last minuteThe island was offered images showed the final moments of Colonel before his death in a Libyan city of Sirte on Thursday.
Gaddafi appeared in the photos following his arrest by the rebels, who suffered wounds, but he was alive, which confirms the information you talked about the death of Colonel after his arrest, without details about the circumstances of his death.
The pictures showed - which aired on Al Jazeera television quoted the Libyan - Gaddafi is being pushed and beaten in the hands of a group of rebels, he appeared Aquaomanm at some point, there was blood covering his face and was lured to a car as hit on the head with a pistol.
A spokesman for the Transitional National Council Abdul Hafeez Goukh confirmed that Gaddafi (69 years), the rebels captured after being wounded in the fighting in Sirte before he died, without providing details about the circumstances of his death.
And narrated by Mohamed Al-Awa, Ibrahim Mohammed Mahjoub - two members of the battalion, who was arrested Gaddafi - the conditions of the process, and assured the island they found a place after shooting by associates of Colonel, and after the clash rose Gaddafi, who was hiding in a hole nearby with a gun, asking " Henw there? " (Why there?).
He explained that the restricted ambulance quoted Colonel to Misurata, noting that he saw Colonel is unconscious before he died.
Other detailsFor his part, the field commander for the Southern District in the city of Sirte Laith Mohammed Gaddafi was armed and killed while trying to flee.
Said Laith told the French press that Gaddafi "was inside the jeep, Chrysler launched by the rebels fire went out of them and tried to flee, a fugitive entered in a hole trying to hide. Fired by the rebel fire, went out, carrying in his hand Kalashnikov in the other a gun, and draws the right and left, a wonder what is happening, and shot him was shot in the shoulder and the man and killed after that. "
He added that Gaddafi "His body was very thin, and clear that he was sick did not bear the risk." He stressed that he was wearing a brown suit and a turban on his head.
He denied that Qadhafi Leith was killed in the bombing of NATO (NATO) on Sirte, asserting that "the Misurata rebels killed him."
For its part, Reuters quoted Ahmed Alshata - a fighter from the rebels a 27-year-old was next to the tubular exchange down a highway - that Gaddafi "we described the rats, but we see where we've found," pointing to the pipe.

Bombing and escapeAnd tells the story of the last hours in the life of the ousted leader fighters government forces and footage recording footage and scenes of bloody, where the accounts say that such prayers at dawn on Thursday came out Gaddafi - who was surrounded by a few dozen of his bodyguards loyal to him, and accompanied by the commander of his army, which no longer exists and Abu Bakr Younis - of the ongoing siege of Sirte two months ago, and the group made its way in a westerly direction, but did not stay away too much.
In this context, France said its aircraft - Participation in the NATO mission - bombed a convoy of military vehicles was less near the Gaddafi walked in about 8:30 am local time (6:30 GMT) on Thursday, but said she is not sure you kill Gaddafi in the attacks or not.
The 15-truck stopped a vehicle marked with a small machine guns, burned and broken smoldering next to the electricity sub-station, located about 20 meters from the main road which is located two miles west of Sirte.
It was clear to the burning cars they hit the power far in excess of anything in the possession of military weapons collected by the rebels during the Revolution, which lasted eight months to overthrow Gaddafi.
But with that were not there a hole caused by a bomb explosion indicate that the strike may have carried out a helicopter gunships or fighter aircraft guns fired on the convoy.
Inside the truck drivers were the remains of the charred and passengers who were killed instantly in the strike is still on the seats, and some other bodies have extended the amputated parts of them and become upside down on the grass, where he found altogether in the region, about 50 bodies.
But according to accounts of the rebels, the Gaddafi himself and a handful of his men escaped death and fled - apparently - amid a tree to the main road, and hid in the tubular exchange, but a group of rebels were trained to go in the same direction.
The news agency Reuters A rebel named Salim Bakri as saying that while he was observed by some of his comrades near the road, "We fired on them from anti-aircraft guns but they were not viable," he said, "Then we went to them on foot."

Bakir says "Then came one of Gaddafi's men, waving his gun in the air in surrender, but once he saw my face and started firing at me, before shouting" Sir, Sir, here, here, here,Muammar Gaddafi is wounded. "

Then the rebels went to the scene and dragged Gaddafi, he says, "What speech, whatspeeches what's going on," and then they took him and put him in the car.

He said Bakir said Gaddafi, the moment of arrest was injured, actually shot in the leg and back, was confirmed by the rebels said they took part in constipation Gaddafi novel Bakirof events, but one of them said that the ousted leader was shot in the chest and injured at the last moment by one of his men.

As for the military commander Abu Bakr Younis Jaber has said Bakri was arrested alive,while officials of the Transitional National Assembly later that he died, and there were fourmore bodies lying at the other end of the tubes all the black men.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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