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Ongoing arrests of protesters, "Wall Street"

Demonstrators "occupied the Wall Street" fear the continued repression of the security (Reuters - Archive)

U.S. police arrested 53 people from the movement of protesters "occupied the Wall Street" during the years in the park evacuated the city of Atlanta, Georgia, United States Wednesday, the day after the storm the protest camp in the city of Oakland, California, and the arrest of 85 people.
The fear many of the participants in these demonstrations of the police response after use of violence several times in the right of peaceful protests, according to participants.
In the state of California contributes to scene security enhancements in Auckland, tension in the movement of protesters "occupied the Wall Street" who regarded these actions are not justified and could lead to the use of violence against the protesters as happened in the last month, where one protester was wounded seriously wounded.
And the face of officials in the cities where these protest movements, messages of the demonstrators in the camps, urging them to respect the laws and not to damage public property or the interests of the population, the demands of the protesters said their response to it.
The movement was "occupied the Wall Street" has inspired its name from the Street Business and famous in New York, where I started there first protests on September 17 / September last, to condemn what is described greedily major corporations and the concentration of money in limited categories, but soon she protests that expanded to include states and American cities and the capitals of Western and world including London, Tokyo, Ottawa and Sydney.

Source: Associated Press

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