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Assad's wife worried about the situation in Jordan!

السيدة الأولى السورية أسماء الأسد عبرت عن قلقها على الأردن (AFP)
Wife was surprised by Jordan's Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the response received from the Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad when he expressed concern about the Jordan Queen Rania when she tried to comfort them as a family, not political.
The newspaper "Arab Jerusalem" on Tuesday from the Jordanian source described earlier as saying that Asma al-Assad took the initiative to express their concern over the Jordan when she received a phone call from Queen Rania Al-Abdullah.
According to the same source I called the Queen of Jordan telephoned the names of Assad to courtesy, communication, and inquired about the situation in Syria, initiated by the wife of President Bashar al-Assad said, our situation is excellent and stable and there is what worries us praise God and before the completion of the dialogue said Asma al-Assad: But the news we receive from you, we are worried and want reassurance you.
The newspaper said that the call that was simultaneous with the publication of the modern journalist latter the wife of Syrian President an expression of the attempt of Jordan orphan of communication with Damascus and specifically with the limit Republican, has revealed the King's uncle Jordanian Prince Hassan bin Talal, also in a television interview recently on phone calls to encourage President Bashar al-Assad the implementation of reform initiatives conducted by the Jordanian monarch, the son of his brother, suggesting that the Syrian side, ignored attempts by Jordanian sympathy.
The King Abdullah II has revealed at the beginning of the Syrian crisis for two telephone calls he had with President Bashar al-for the purpose of his advice to open up politically and then sent his envoy at the time is the President of the Royal Court, the former Dr. Khaled Karaki to explain to him the experience of Jordan in the formation of a committee 'national dialogue'.
Of course, these contacts did not produce any understanding of any steps, but sources close to the government of Jordan spoke for the 'Arab Jerusalem' for a telephone connection attempts on the part of the recent Amman has not responded with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Source: Yahoo editor written

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